{Quad Squad} Breakfast for Four

Last weekend, the husband made scrambled eggs and biscuits for breakfast. I'm not a big egg fan and can only eat egg whites (the yolks make me sick, weird...), but the babies braved a few bites. The texture was new and made for lots of funny faces. They loved the biscuits, though. We're enjoying introducing them to new "real" foods, like some veggie pasta at dinner tonight. Their hand/finger coordination is really improving! Logan and Kailey have also mastered drinking out of a regular straw (they love tea and water) and we're still working with Harrison and Trystan.

Of course, every time we feed them loose foods at their quad table there is a lot of loose food that ends up on the floor. Or on their pants. Or stuck to their butts. Trystan is frequently adoringly referred to as "sticky fingers" and likes to stash goodies for later up her sleeve.

I'm not a big fan of sweeping four million times a day, so I called in reinforcements. Jersey Girl had no problem cleaning up!

Yesterday, my mother-in-law and I took Trystan to an ENT doc to get her checked out due to some wheezing we've been hearing more prominently lately. We noticed it off and on over the past few months but it never seemed to be an issue, she hadn't been sick at all and she'd been checked out head to toe, even since leaving the NICU. But during the cold she'd had, a small squeak had developed so we took her in to our pediatrician. They were stumped as there was no congestion in her lungs (ruling out asthma as well) and no rattling. So at the ENT doc, they gave her some lidocaine drops in her noise then poked a small camera into her nasal passage and into the very top of her throat to check everything. Her adenoids were totally normal, nearly flat against the surface of the back of the throat. Often these can become enlarged and cause all sorts of infections and complications and, much like tonsils, can be removed in children. Her vocal chords also looked great. It was crazy to see all that on a TV screen straight from the tiny camera on the scope and Trystan handled it like a champ, only letting out one protest at the beginning!

Currently, we give her a breathing treatment at least every other day (a nebulizer treatment, similar to an inhaler) which seems to be helping. If we continue to notice the wheezing over the coming weeks, then we'll consider a pediatric pulmonologist to check out her heart and chest further, ruling out any other possible causes. In the end, it could just be the way she chooses to breathe sometimes. But y'all know me, I gotta be sure! After the ENT appointment, the three of us dropped in for lunch at Cheesecake Factory. She loved looking around and watching all the action during the busy lunch hour but then eventually fell asleep for a nap in her carrier. Sweet girl. 

Afterward I had a doctor appointment of my own with my surgeon to check on my progress from my second surgery last Monday. It's been frustrating going through much of the same recovery again, but it's getting better and I'm slowly doing more. Still can't lift babies or heavy objects yet and I'm a tad worried about overdoing it with the move coming up, but my mom, mom-in-law and husband have gone above and beyond to be sure I don't. Couldn't survive without them and all our gracious friends who have helped us out lately!

Today, the grandmas kept the quad squad so I could join the husband for a "last lunch" with his work crew. Everyone showed up to wish us their best and during all the conversation, I was looking around at the group and remembering fun nights out, parties, events and more that we've shared with all those guys. Many of them helped us move into our first house, more of them helped us move things into storage when we took off for Scotland for a year (one couple threw us an amazing going-away party!), and pretty much everyone supported us in various ways as we prepared to welcome quadruplets. It's definitely hard to say goodbye to such great people and we plan to keep in touch with many of them. Yet we're also excited to be back home again and rekindle friendships with those we had initially left behind. Change, in my book, is always a good thing!

Now I'm busy canceling cable, setting up new cable, finding new doctors for the babies (pediatrician, eye doc, urologist, etc.) and a surgeon for myself to continue with follow-up as well as a physical therapist. The list never ends. Literally. I've got three separate lists going of 1) things to take with us for our first weekend in the apartment, 2) things for the movers to deliver to the apartment and 3) things they need to put in storage. 

Yet for just a little while, the house is quiet. After the babies were asleep and we'd done enough for one night, the husband and I retreated to our room and have been scouring our realtor's website looking at potential homes in DFW and watching some of our DVR'd shows. We know we only have a few more moments like this before chaos ensues. We love having time for each other and getting to relax together, even if it's not very often. It's our way of staying connected and recharging for the next big thing. Which commences Friday with packing and Saturday with our fully-loaded road trip to Dallas. Keep us in your prayers! The adventure continues!


  1. I have been thinking about you guys a lot as I am sure there is so much going on at your house right now. How fun to start looking for your next place to continue making memories with your four amazing children. Isabella has also started doing the wheezing thing. I haven't been too concerned because she is not in any distress. She did have a cough for about 5 days but nothing else. Was better for a week or more and then I started hearing the wheeze. We have awful allergies around here and is I chalked it up to that. I may have to call our pediatrician to see what he thinks. Will continue praying that everything goes smoothly and the kids adjust well. Is Mike transferring within his company or starting with something new?

  2. Love your back up sweeper, Jersey Girl will be getting alot of use as the Quads get older.
    Praying that the wheezing is nothing serious with Trystan.
    Good Luck with all your lists, hope the movers dont screw up.
    Enjoy your final "normal" day today;)

  3. Best of luck on your return to Dallas. I have enjoyed reading your blog and your mom's blog for quite some time. I love how you are both so kind, but also honest about your challenges. Your babies are beautiful and are already such individuals--love that you share their personalities with us all.
    I chuckled about the eggs as my doctor said I shouldn't give them to my own kids until they were one for fear of allergic reactions. (Seems a bit silly as I am sure they ate things with eggs in them before they were one.)
    Praying for safe travels and an uneventful move into your intermediate housing. Can't wait to hear about your house hunting and the quads adjustment to their new home(s).

  4. Can't believe you're already on your feet after the second surgery! I follow your blog constantly but seldom comment. The babies are beautiful and my how they've grown. Good luck on the move!!

  5. You are truly living busy and exciting times! All the best with everything! Hopefully the road trip will be uneventful and the babies will sleep most of the time. My thoughts are with you all!

  6. You have got a beautiful family you sure have your hands full

  7. I had not thought of trying straws, thanks for the idea! It looks like the quad table is being enjoyed by all!

    Sorry to hear Trystan is having troubles. We love our pulmonolosit, Dr. Pfaff in Fort Worth if you are searching for one in DFW. Welcome home, and I hope the trip is uneventful.

  8. an allergist might be an option too


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