An Update On Our "Crazy!"

I've never had so many things going on at once. I can't keep track of what I was thinking about five minutes ago. And still being on pain meds from my surgery Monday makes it even harder. My recovery is in progress. It hasn't been easy. I can't stand up completely straight but I am mobile, and the pain has been persistent but I've kept it fairly under control. I can barely lift up my laptop right now so I haven't been moving or lifting much else. I really just can't believe I had to have surgery again. It was everything I could do to survive that last recovery. Bah humbug. I have a drainage tube coming out of the bottom of my stomach again, I have a newly-closed incision running across my stomach again, I have to gingerly move around for fear of popping stitches in my ab muscles again, I have to walk around with my shoulders hunched over again, and I have to pace myself for several weeks before I can start to operate without caution...again.

In the long run, I know that this surgery will pay off and I'll be glad to have my core intact and be able to function and run after four kids. It's just hard to be patient, especially when I'm having to do part of this for a second time. My surgeon said my ab muscles were so distended and stretched that gravity was pulling against the set of stitches he'd put in the first time and that's what was causing my stomach to stick out again. He reinforced everything and expects no issues this time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers that all heals well. At least tomorrow I get to have the drainage tube taken out—that'll be a huge relief and make it easier to be comfortable.

Thank goodness my mom and my step-dad have been here to help this week, the husband has been pulling so much extra weight and we have a friend coming to help tomorrow and my in-laws coming to help this weekend. Our home listed on the market on Tuesday and since then we've shown it seven times and have received two offers, with a potential third offer and another buyer coming this evening. The house isn't prepped or show-worthy at all. There's baby stuff everywhere, the beds are unmade, kitchen in use. The house itself isn't trashed or dirty and we've been sure to have good smelling candles burning and all the lights on and blinds open. I'd be thrilled to get it sold without delay, it's a great home with a nice layout and clean backdrop.

I've prayed everyday for the last two weeks for God's guidance and influence in our lives, now more than ever. With the surgery that it would go well and finally be the recovery I needed; with selling our house, that the right person would come along that could see past all the baby swings and toys and appreciate the house for what it is; for our move, that we'd find the right company to pack up our house and the right apartment to set up camp in for awhile; for the husband's new company and colleagues, and that he's able to smoothly transition and take up a new challenge; and for both of us in general, that we don't lose sight of what's important, that we take things in stride and that we survive the next several weeks and don't forget to sleep! And once some of this dies down, it'll be time to plan the babies first birthday (May 31)!!!

So for now we're beginning to focus on our own moving process, hiring movers, packing up little odds and ends so as not to lose them, deciding what baby stuff needs to come with us and what needs to go into storage. We've nearly got an apartment lined up, which will give us a chance to crash and burn for a little while once we get to Dallas. It'll give us some time to look for a home we really want without having to move at breakneck speeds for once! Granted it won't be the most convenient place to live with four babies in tow, but if we can do all this, we can do that. We had to find something that was on the first floor, too, since I can't be hauling babies up and down any stairs. So many little details to consider!

And among all this craziness, me not feeling well, working out schedules with family and volunteers and planning a big move, we still try to soak up the little moments that continue to happen every day. Like Harrison pulling himself up to a standing position for the first time on the little play table, then Trystan trying to copy him and pulling to her knees for the first time as well. (They are the only two that haven't been standing yet.) And I love how Harrison has been obsessed with doing head stands lately, as you can see in the photo below.

trystan working on pulling herself up and harrison doing a head stand (his new thang)
work that tongue, girl!
kailey lee
my little logan bear
All four are still teething, which worsens and improves each week, and they are all crawling with intense purpose these days as well. I look forward to turning them loose in the apartment living room and letting them have the run of the place! We won't have much in the apartment, so it'll be more space for them to play and less things to baby-proof.

The babies have continued to operate on their usual daily schedule, even with showing the house. We've listed limited viewing times so as not to interrupt feedings. If someone's coming to view the house, we take all the babies into the nursery and they come take a peek in that room last before leaving. No one seems to be bothered at all that we've been at the house while they've viewed it and so far, despite their obvious curiosity, no one's asked too much about the quadruplets and have kept their visits brief. We have gotten quite a few compliments on the quad table though! It's the centerpiece of the house kitchen. And no matter what the previous day was like, every morning starts fresh with four happy smiling faces that absolutely love their table that daddy built them. :)

good morning from the quad squad!

One day at a time...


  1. Wow!

    We are in the process of moving back to arizona from new Mexico and I was feeling overwhelmed... Then I read your story and thought, if God can present this to a mom with Quads, a surgery, a move and a new job for the hubs, then I can do this! So you are a rockstar.

  2. Sandra FowlerMarch 21, 2013

    You are an AMAZING woman. Whatever you do you MUST make yourself, your health and recovery a priority. You and your family will benefit having a healthy & happy mom at her best. If you don't obey all the rules you might suffer the consequences for the rest of your life. This is the voice of experience talking. HeHe!!
    See you soon in Dallas with a big batch of lasagna. Just let me kinow when you want it.
    PRAYERS - PRAYERS - and more PRAYERS for you all.

  3. Amber
    It will soon be a year that I started reading/posting to your blog.
    Since the begining you have amazed me how you can handle any situation you are presented.
    While the tasks before you seem daunting,especially with recovering from another surgery, I know you will come thru it with flying colors.
    Continued prayers for a speedy recovery, selling/purchasing a home and a smooth transition for Mike into his new job.
    Take care and give those beautiful babies a big hug from thier biggest fan:)

  4. I'll be praying for your swift and FULL recovery this time, as well as a smooth move! I can't wait for you to be in Dallas again. I haven't seen you since a few mmonths before you got pregnant! Your children are adorable and seem to be growing so well! God has truly blessed you and Mike with them.

  5. It is crazy right now, but you and Mike are doing an excellent job managing the chaos (as usual!) The quad table is really pretty and I know you love having it! Yay for babies who are standing! Two more of ours are finally rolling. Sydney is taking her sweet time with rolling, but thinks she may want to army crawl. Silly babies!
    Did I mention I am so looking forward to your big move?

  6. Glad you are home and beginning your recovery again. I pray for good days for you and for you to sale your house quickly. And them babies oh my gosh. I think that little Logan is going to give you a run for your money when she gets older. She just has that look of testing the waters out. Have a great weekend and get lots of rest. Sherri

  7. I love the table picture!
    Those smiles


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