{Quad Squad} 2 Moms & 9 Kids!

It's not often that you get to go on a play date with another set of quadruplets. It's even less often that they're nearly the same age as your own quadruplets (one and a half months older, in our case). But that's exactly what the scene was on Saturday at our long awaited play date with the Martin Quads!

My four babies dove right on in there and went to town playing with all the Martin babies' toys and the Martin babies themselves. It was like baby soup. :)

ashley and i with all our kids!
all the quad babies (logan got squished in the back, you can see her legs poking out!)
quad mommas, quad daddies and quadlings
car seats are a portable solution for feeding our crew
we borrowed their quad table for the spoon feeding...perfect!
Ashley and her husband have a three-year-old adorable little girl, Ella, as well as their nearly one-year-old quads. It was so cool to watch our babies interact with Ella, since we hadn't seem them with very many other babies much less toddlers. They loved her. Especially Harrison. And I noticed that throughout the afternoon, Ella went around and played with each of the eight babies several times. She never left anyone out or ignored a single one. They all responded to her, crawling after her and laughing at her dancing and jumping around.

all the baby girls: abbie, allie, kailey, logan and trystan

baby girls + ella

the boys! carson, corbin and my harrison
Ashley and I had been looking forward to this for months. We first met for lunch together very early in our pregnancies. She'd come across my blog after we'd announced we were expecting quadruplets, and sent me a message. At lunch that day, we talked about our hardships with the pregnancies so far, our fears for both ourselves and the babies and how it'd be amazing one day to get a picture of us with all our kiddos and know that we'd survived. And we got that very moment on camera. One laughing, crazy, baby-filled glance from one quad mom to another.

We did it.


  1. This looks like so much fun! Ella is so precious and such a great big sis.
    Talking to other quad mamas online is a huge help, but getting together like this has to be incredible. I'm thinking I need to invite the triplets from our NICU over for a play date. It could be a quatriplet play extravaganza!

  2. I like the last picture and the caption - yes, both of you did do it! Such an appropriate caption!!!

    And more power to you - we ladies are a tough and strong bunch!

  3. AWESOME!!! Must have felt funny and hilarious to have so many babies at the same place. Some of those times you will always remember.

  4. That is just a boat load of baby goodness
    How amazing that the two of you were able to find one another during your pregnancies. I see a lifelong friendship for all of you.
    Thanks for sharing- I loved this post :)

  5. What a bunch of cuties:) Looks like you all had a wonderful time.It is so neat that you have such a great circle of quad moms to share
    experiences and wonderful times like this.


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