{Quad Squad} 9 Month Update + Photos!

I can honestly say that when we first brought home four teeny tiny premature babies and went from zero children to quadruplets, I wasn't sure how we'd make it. Then, slowly, with the unfolding of every 24 hours and each subtle realization that we were doing it, my husband and I began to breath again.

People say that time has passed quickly, the babies are growing so fast and it seems just like yesterday that they were born. And I say, can you pass me whatever that is you're drinking because I need some...it's been a LONG journey!

in birth order, left to right: trystan, kailey, harrison & logan
I remember when we found out we were having quadruplets. In fact, occasionally when I'm running errands I'll pass by that exact parking lot where we left the doctor's office and sat in our truck together—completely in shock and dumbfounded by what we'd just learned. And I clearly remember that, before we'd even driven out of the lot, we'd decided that we'd be keeping all the babies and had put everything in God's hands. (The fertility specialist we'd seen had immediately advised to reduce from four to one or two babies.)

They have changed our lives forever in ways I could never have fathomed. Having children certainly changes you, makes you see things in a new light. Our experience, for us, also drew my husband and I closer together; it took us to dark places that we are happily free of now but that we found strength to face that we would have never thought possible. It's life changing to lay in a hospital bed, fighting just to make it through the next hour. To keep four babies inside a little longer in hope it gives them better chances of survival. All the while, fearing for your own life and hoping that you are able to meet them all.

Now, I'm looking over into my living room at four happy bouncing, crawling, sitting, teething babies. I am beyond thankful that God saw fit to bless us with quadruplets but, more importantly, that He gave us the strength, the means, the determination and the ability to handle it all.
"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."
~Isaiah 40:31
There have been many times we have grown faint, but thankfully we have always been able to get back up and keep going! Our families have been incredibly supportive as have so many friends who have pitched in to help us in our time of need and the thousands of prayers that readers of this blog sent up during the pregnancy and beyond. 

Now for nine month stats!

Within the last four weeks, all the babies have been able to get into a solid sitting position on their own and take great pride in their newfound arrangements. The husband and I can only wince and gasp when they topple over and bang their head on a nearby toy, but thankfully their play area is still pretty padded and it's helped avoid too many concussions. ;) They are growing more sturdy with each passing day and it's pretty cool to walk by the play pen and glance down and see them sitting like little mini people playing with a book or toy. Love it!

They also play incredibly well together. Sometimes they'll be in the play pen happily occupying themselves for up to a solid hour. It's not always that way, but frequently it happens. Which is amazing to me. They love watching Baby Einstein and Baby Genius DVDs and we've noticed a drastic improvement in behavior and reduction in crying and fussing when there's some sort of classical music on. Thus the DVDs are perfect for playing during the afternoon or "in between" time.

As of last week, all four are now crawling, too. Harrison took his sweet time in this department but at last he worked out all the kinks and took a shaky hand and knee to the process. Kailey was the first to sit, followed by Logan, then Harrison and Trystan. Kailey was also the first one to crawl and she began terrorizing Logan, who began crawling second out of sheer necessity! Harrison and Trystan followed in the same, er, footsteps about two weeks later.

It's a mad dash to keep up with all the "firsts" that come with having four babies the exact same age. One is always right behind the other with a new trick, a new development or sound or look. Just when you think you've somewhat acclimated to their current state of being, they overturn the expected and start all over again! Like Kailey, for instance, who just doesn't stop moving. She's been doing a lot of things first lately simply because she's always on the go. She's got an intense personality and was the first to pull herself to a standing position! I can't believe it! She wants to be upright as much as possible. Logan's right behind her and has stood up with support from a fence or play table on her own several times. I keep expecting to look behind me in the kitchen and see Kailey toddling around the corner saying, "Hey, mom, whatcha doing in here?"

Teething...ah, that gem of a baby stage. Actually, I have to come clean and say it hasn't really been all that bad. Considering I was prepared for the sky to come crashing down on my little slice of life and all hell to break loose. And it's four babies teething together. Two babies, Trystan and Harrison, have two tiny little chompers that have broken through the gums on the bottom. The rest are still cutting teeth as they are still bumps under their gums. I'm pretty sure Logan is working on three of them. Ow! Seriously, this stuff looks like it hurts.

Thanks to well-vetted advice from some fellow quad moms that have already survived the teething stage, we use Hyland's teething tablets when the kiddos are chewing on their hands, moaning and/or crying. I also keep a fresh round of freezer teethers going all day and most of the babies love chewing on those. And when it gets noticeably worse, we administer a dose of Infant Advil. I'm not one of those moms that's worried about giving my kid a little help via drugs!! Harrison was on morphine (due to some health issues like a ventilator and chest tubes) just days after being born and he wasn't even four pounds. If his tiny little body could handle that, then these 16+ pounders can handle a little Advil. Plus, it works like a charm and helps them get some sleep at night.

football player in the making?

While we're on the subject of updates, I'll include a little on my own continued recovery process. It's been nearly two months since I had my abdominoplasty and every day I'm so glad I did it. My core strength is improving steadily and my physical abilities have definitely improved and will continue to do so as the months pass and I retrain my abdominal and back muscles and strengthen them. On the down side, I do still have some persistent swelling on my stomach and hips due to fluid retention (edemas and hematomas). I'm now going to physical therapy twice a week for lymphatic massage via ultrasound and strengthening exercises to help promote blood flow and circulation. I reaaaallllly hope this helps as I'm ready to see my final results!

And last but so not least, as of March 1 our lockdown/quarantine is OVER!!! The babies haven't been sick a day since they came home and I'm so proud of how well we've done. Now that lockdown is over, folks don't have to have vaccinations to come visit the kiddos and we're now free to move about the "outside world." It certainly doesn't mean I'm willing to turn the babies loose and let 'em lick every handrail and tabletop out there, but we're definitely moving outside the realms of our (closely) confined living room and into the general public. I'll still be enforcing hand sanitizer and we won't socialize with the sick and ill, but the husband and I have been discussing a few game plans to get us out and about with the quad squad and how we'll begin to handle the new-to-us scenarios.

*If you're just joining us, we went on lockdown when the babies came home after two months in the NICU. This was to allow their premature bodies and immune systems a chance to grow and strengthen. A simple cold would have landed them back in the hospital. Now that flu and cold season is coming to a close, we're ready to begin slowly exposing them to typical situations sans all our extra precautions!*

my sweet babies! left to right: trystan, kailey, harrison and logan

kailey throwing away her nine-month sticker...rebel.

"harrison, you should wear the hat like this..."

First up on our post-lockdown list was dinner as a family!! Then Harrison's first play date + mommy's first lunch out with a baby! I've got details and photos coming up in my next post. ;)


  1. We have the same Baby Legs as your crew! I went crazy with that post Christmas sale they ran...I love Harrison's "big boy" hat too!
    It is exciting to leave lockdown behind, but also a bit scary. We'll be venturing out but no handrail licking for us either! LOL. Our babies have been healthy so far, knock on wood and we'd like to keep it that way!

  2. So, so adorable! Looks like the crew is doing wonderful, and very envious of the lockdown lifting! Us here in the north will wait another month or so ;-)

  3. Harrison has no choice but to be tough. LOL The girls have him!

  4. You take the BEST pictures!!!! LOVE this post! Love YOU and I do so love those babies! See you in the morning!

  5. They are adorable,each and everyone of them.
    I always go by God never gives one more than he/she can handle, and he knew you and Mike could handle the challenges that come with raising quads,you have met each challenge beautifully.
    Continued blessings to your beautiful family.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Love the pics!! They are so cute! Y'all are doing a fantastic job with your four little blessings and I'm so impressed with how well they and you are doing!

  7. Happy 9 Month B-day kiddos. You are just so stinking cute in your little leggings. Such happy babies you have and I could just pick them all up and give them squishes and hugs. So glad you can get out and about with them babies. Can't wait to read about some of your outings. The dinner one was so cute that your Mom posted. Table for 8 please. :) Have a great day! Sherri

  8. Kailey's personality is sooo easy to see through the pictures you have of her!! She looks like such a little ham! I love it! Absolutely amazing that your littles never caught even so much as a cold, ya'll have done so good!

  9. Amber - what absolutely adorable photos! I can just imagine the funny moments you had while trying to get pictures of everyone together. Your crew is thriving, and you and your hubby are doing such an amazing job! I am so glad that you have been able to stay on top of teething. I will be praying for your complete recovery from your surgery.

  10. amber, your babies are beautiful plus. i so enjoy keeping up with your family. love your mom's blog as well. i hope to meet your mom in person soon. i'm a grandma too. this post is just wonderful! you & your husband are amazing. take care & know you have so many of us cheering you on and especially sending up prayers for all. pam in burleson

  11. hugs & kisses!!!! Awwww .....look at all of them! Harrison will be picked from 3 sisters huh! ..:) :)

  12. Awww... the pictures were absolutely adorable. They sure are growing and getting big.


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