{Quad Squad} The Babies Are Sick! :(

It's happened. After two months of growing in the NICU and seven healthy months gaining weight and maturing at home, the quad squad has become ill. It's like one of those things you see coming from far off and you wince at just the thought of it, but you hope it'll stay in the distance for a little while longer.

I knew eventually they'd all get sick, one way or another. And it's very likely that it's happened because of teething. They are chewing on their fingers like they're made of chocolate and drool doth abound.

It all started Saturday when we spotted two runny noses. Two days later, everyone had the sniffles (faucet faces), irritability (the crabby crew), incessant drool (mobile waterworks) and watery, red-lined eyes (radar peepers for when mommy leaves the room). And I can't even begin to explain to you how exhausting it is to make a pass by everyone's nose every 2-3 minutes with kleenex. It's been a real treat, to say the least. Last night, the husband and I slept for around 4 hours between getting up to suction noses, pat their backs when they had coughing attacks and soothe them back to sleep because they were frustrated from breathing through their mouths. This morning, the clock hadn't even struck 10am and I'd already tried to put laundry in the pantry and I never did pause for breakfast because I thought I had already eaten. Seriously?

four sick babies at the pediatrician
The silver lining is that we went to the pediatrician today to rule out anything worse, and everyone's lungs and ears were good and clear and throats healthy, so it's a simple cold we're dealing with right now. We're on rounds of Infant Advil to help with teething pain and irritability and everyone gets the lovely experience of having saline solution squirted up their nostrils then sucked back out with a nasal syringe. If you even have to wonder who gets to do that fantastic job, then please don't and immediately feel sorry for me four times over. Not only does mommy have to take care of sick babies all alone, I get to be the bad guy, too!

our saving grace for illness and teething. just stocked up on 6 boxes—we buy nearly everything in bulk these days.
Thankfully the husband ran home from work to help me haul everyone to the doctor's office then stuck around to help me give them baths when we got back and also spray down car seats with Lysol. We may be out of lockdown, but old habits die hard. I have every intention of keeping germs somewhat contained with baths, load after load of laundry, Baby Lysol and hand sanitizer.

"my mouth hurts...my nose is running...my sock is off....i'm hungry..."
They all enjoyed their warm baths and the quad squad is now somewhat happily playing in the Quattro Corral, as we call it. Even when sick, they still smile at me and I got a couple laughs out of Harrison earlier. In between coddling the quadlings, life goes on and so must I. Please keep us in your prayers for quick recoveries!


  1. Many many Hugs and Prayers are being sent your way. Poor babies and Mama too.
    Take care of yourself, nothing is worse then Mama feeling horrible with a cold along with the babies.
    Love the captions:)

  2. Poor kids and you, I've seen more sick little ones at the doctor recently than I have all year. :(

  3. Hope everyone gets well soon. We know exactly what its like to have 4 sick kids at the same time.

  4. Poor sweet babies. I have to say that first picture of them in the stroller broke my heart. They just look so miserable poor things. I feel for them because I hate when I can't breath through my nose either. Hope they get better soon and you stay healthy. Sherri

  5. Poor sweet babies. Get well soon!


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