{Weekend Recap} A Full House + 6 Month Photos!

Technically the weekend isn't quite over and the husband and I are both feeling pretty accomplished. It's been one of those weekends where the schedule has somewhat cooperated, all four babies have somewhat cooperated, and we weren't actually so worn out we couldn't get up and do stuff.

Saturday we had a very special visitor...SANTA CLAUS!!! A good friend of ours dressed up as Santa for photos with kids at their church and on his way home, offered to spray down his suit with Lysol and come by and do the same for our quarantined quad squad! It was such a thoughtful thing to do and we were thrilled to see our friends and share the babies with them. (The quads are still on lockdown through the spring, as we try to avoid RSV and flu during their first year. Harrison's lungs are still so delicate that we want him—and all the babies—to be good and strong when they encounter their first illness.)

The photos my husband took turned out great, although we did discover we have one of "those kids" that screams and cries at the sight of Santa's face. Logan didn't make it past the first couple photos, poor girl. PUT ME DOWN!

We put the babies to bed by 8pm Saturday night then spent the next several hours watching DVR'd shows on TV and sorting through bin after bin of baby clothes. And boy, do we have a lot! As first time parents, we've bought our fair share of "oh my gosh, that's so cute and I have to have it" stuff—times four!—and we've also been generously gifted both new and hand-me-down clothing from friends and family. Needless to say, these quadlings never go naked.

The babies are six months old now and they're transitioning into six month apparel, believe it or not. I figured we'd be a size behind due to their prematurity but these kiddos are catching up so well. Trystan is still about a size behind the others and easily fits into most three month stuff, but her little pot belly affords her some space in some six month duds, too, so we make it work. Thus we sorted all the clothes in the attic into bins by size...

...then we sorted and organized the single set of chest of drawers that holds all the babies clothes they are wearing now.

Then we took everything they'd outgrown, set some aside for a friend expecting a little girl, put some in a box for a fellow quad mom to mail and put the rest in bins to be donated or sold. Whew! That's a project for an entirely different (very far away) day.

Today we've been equally as busy. We had to WAKE UP most of the babies at 8am to get their first feed started so we wouldn't fall too far behind schedule. They slept for 12 solid hours!! I'm sure that some of them would sleep more, but having quads calls for having a schedule and we're stickin' to it. Just makes for better daytime naps, I say. ;)

Next, we chopped up fruits and veggies and made baby food for the next several weeks. Zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, spinach and apples. The babies had mangos for the first time yesterday and a serving of mango and bananas this morning—they are really learning to spoon feed well! We may try puffs, a dissolvable finger food, at the end of the year.

Then some of us took naps...

...and some of us fueled up on steaks. The husband ran out for a couple errands and came back with steaks and all the trimmings from Texas Roadhouse and even made a second stop at Sonic, our favorite place for fountain drinks, and picked up two big ol' Cokes. It was a great meal and just what we needed to perk up our Sunday! It's nice to do stuff like that sometimes since we don't really get a chance to go out to dinner together very often. We sat at the kitchen table and ate with real utensils and made eye contact and talked and everything. ;)

Then we ALL took pictures! Six month pictures!!! I can't believe we're halfway through the first year. Time hasn't necessarily flown by, but it is amazing to think that we've survived some of the hardest times that come with having newborn (preemie) quadruplets. The fear of hearing that noise of a baby choking on reflux at 3am is slowly passing, as are the actual choking episodes; bottles are being eaten better as are pureed foods; and all the babies are becoming more and more interactive, both with us and their surroundings. They are rolling all over the place and working hard to try and sit up in their boppies, they grab for things and pull them to their mouths and they babble and coo and laugh. It's awesome. 

And best yet? THEY SLEEP 12 HOURS EVERY NIGHT!!! I'm working on a post of how we accomplished this in hopes of inspiring others who are or will be in that sleep-deprived state where you find yourself nodding off while still on your feet and dreaming of more than 20 minutes of shut-eye at a time. Many quad moms promised sleep would come and we could get them there, but I had a hard time believing them in my manic exhausted state. Turns out, they were right and we did get there. The husband and I talk all the time about how we can't believe we're past the stage of sleepless nights and is it really truly over? Or will it just come back one day!?




Our fantastic four are our big adventure. Yes, our lives now revolve around daily bottle feedings, nap times, diaper sales and formula buying sprees. We operate on early mornings and early nights, colorful baby toys all over the living room and stacks of laundered onsies and footed pajamas on the couch. But you know what? This is where our focus lies and, while its wildly different from anything we could've imagined, we're loving every minute!


  1. I have no babies (yet) as we are still TTC (and doing our first FET this month!) but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Your babies are just incredibly gorgeous and I love reading about them. :) Your blog and babies put such a smile on this face.

    1. I am so glad to hear that, thank you! Best wishes on your fertility journey.

  2. Love the Santa pictures,but those individual 6 month pictures with those big smiles and big bright eyes are beautiful! Happy 6 Months you guys are doing a Great job raising those Quads!!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Great organization! Also, I LOL'd at "chester drawers" haha...I might have to start saying that...too funny

  4. Haha just realized that's what I put. Fixed it now. Sometimes I get a little distracted when writing these posts!!

  5. Wow .....they are so adorable! Just wanna hugs & kisses those cheeks. :) :) ...

    You are doing a fabulous jobs of taking care and raising these quads. I have 3 (each one about 3 year apart) and I am exhausted. You are super!!!

    Love those pictures with "6 months" signage. They looks so happy!!

    God bless you all.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Lisa's co-worker.

    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you as well.

  6. Love all the blogs and pictures. Will be interested in learning the trick to the 12 hr nights. My g/daughter is expecting her second baby in Feb. First baby NEVER slept more than 15 minutes when a baby and now she is 3 1/2 and still only sleeps about 9-10 hours. The mommy is tired. Merry Christmas to all of you.
    Virginia - Irving

  7. I love all their expression. Harrison is gonna be a charmer and a jokester. He I think is gonna keep you busy from now on. lol. In Trystan's individual she has that look that says 'Is this my good side' They're all too damn cute. Pam never slept 12 hours until she turned 16. LOL


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