Simple Sunday with Four Babies!

How are you spending your Sunday? The husband and I watched a movie this morning (Die Hard 4) while the babies took their naps. We are still recovering a little from closing out Chrsitmas yesterday—I still need to post about the babies very first Christmas Day!—with a visit from my younger brother and older sister and a big dinner prepared by my mom. It was nice to have a house full of family and the quads loved all the attention. It was my brother, Ben's first time to meet the quads and my sister, Summer, hadn't seen them since they were still itty bitty babies in the NICU at the hospital. They've come a loooong way since then!

Around here, though, simple things like a post-dinner cleanup, laundry, mopping floors and such takes longer since all these things must be done in between taking care of four babies. We absolutely love having guests but we are beat when they're gone!

My younger brother, Ben, with Harrison and Kailey. He quickly became a pro at holding multiple babies!

Me and my sister feeding the babies lunch!
The husband and Ben (closest) feeding the other two. Homemade zucchini and bananas, yum!

Card games always ensue at family gatherings.

Ben and his new nieces and nephews.

Love Trystan's smile!

My mom and three of her four children and the quads!

Grandma and Grandad with the babies. L-R: Trystan, Logan, Kailey & Harrison.

Summer, Mom, Me and Ben.

Goofy, much?
This afternoon, the husband and I played with the babies and enjoyed an extra-long tummy time. They are such good, well-tempered kids. But even amid all the smiling pictures I post, there is always a mini melt down around the corner! Thankfully they only last a few minutes tops.

I'm taking down all our Christmas decorations and piling them by the tree to box up tomorrow. It's always nice to feel refreshed with accessories and decor redistributed around the house in a new way.

Friday I made a HUGE haul at the grocery store and bought things to assemble 10-12 freezer dinners that we'll just have to take out and thaw in the crock pot or stove-top when we need them. I plan to make the short ribs and cilantro lime chicken from the Six Sisters blog. I also loaded up on all sorts of organic fruits and veggies to make several weeks worth of baby food since we were starting to run low.

It's the first time I've mentioned it on here, but I'm preparing for my big abdominoplasty surgery in a little under two weeks from now. It'll repair all the muscle tears and interior damage done from carrying quadruplets and will help me get my core back. I've dealt with physical issues and side effects on a daily basis, from rib and ligature pain to indigestion and nausea and more. It's exhausting to endure all this on top of taking care of four babies. I've had tests and blood work done to rule out any other issues, and everything's turned up normal. So we hope that this surgery will help my body to be able to operate the way it should, put everything back where it belongs and minimize the massive empty space in my abdominal cavity. It's a six-week recovery and we've lined up help with the babies for that time and I look forward to beginning my road to true recovery! It's been over a year and a half since I can say I've felt "good" at all, and that's too long!

In the meantime, there's a lot of preparation and a long to-do list to knock out before such a massive surgery, especially with the quad squad taking up priority and the clock ticking down each day.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh the card playing looks so fun. I can not wait until all my kiddos are old enough that they can just go play at family gatherings so the adults can play cards. One of my favorite past times growing up with my extended family. The dipples on all of you kids is just way to awesome!!

    You are going to do awesome with your surgery and hopefully soon you will feel like Amber again!

  2. Hope everything with your surgery goes well!!

  3. good luck with your surgery and happy new year to you!

  4. Will keep you in my prayers as you undergo the surgery and the 6 week recovery, will you be in the hospital for long, and will you be able to pick up the babies during that 6 week recovery period?
    Love the one sock on one sock off look Harrison is sporting:)
    Glad your sibs were able to spend time with the babies, your brother is Cute;)
    Wishing you all a Very Happy Healthy New Year!

  5. Amber, I am making the same freezer recipes today! Good to see how big & beautiful your babies are getting! I know you will do great healing from the surgery, and good to hear you are lining up help. What a crazy journey your (mine too) body has been through this last year! Just think where you will be a year from now! Fit, fab, and with four walking, possibly talking Bells!

  6. I love how Kailey's foot is in motion in the first picture. That is how it goes with quads! Hilarious that you and Becky are also trying the Six Sisters meals. We quad mamas gotta do whatever it takes to make decent meals ;)I decided to give all of them a whirl. I ran out of steam to throw the taco soup together, but have the ingredients for later. The whole thing took about 2 hours!
    I hope surgery gives you some relief from the aches. My back isn't bothering me much anymore, but I've noticed a lot of tension in my shoulders from hauling growing babies. I so wish I could practice yoga in a studio again....
    Happy New Year!


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