{Quad Squad} Everything's Better in Fours

My life revolves around the number four. There's the obvious: four babies. There's also four bottles, four blankets, four diapers (okay, four million diapers), four boppie pillows, four outfits, four swings, four bumbo chairs, four spoons, four stuffed animals, four sleep sacks, four hooded bath towels, four sets of socks (half of which are constantly missing) and four beautiful little smiles that melt my heart every day.

And speaking of four, great things are happening in fours around here! The babies are all rolling around like crazy, standing flat on their feet when you hold them up and babbling and laughing every chance they can—mostly when they make eye contact with someone. Kailey will talk to anything with "eyes," including toys. And Logan, who is usually a tough crowd to crack, has been turning up smiles nearly every day. They're also flying through the foods now. We've introduced, in no particular order, sweet potatoes, spinach, apples, pears (a fan fave), mangos, bananas, peas, squash and carrots and will be tackling blueberries, zucchini and broccoli in the next two weeks. We've also started mixing some foods, most of which I make myself, and they love carrots and apples together as well as peas with pears. 

They are about 6 1/2 months old now and Harrison weighs 14lbs 11.5oz; Logan is 14lbs 1oz; Kailey is 13lbs 15.5oz; and Trystan is 13lbs 10oz. I think it's so cool that, even though there's only about a pound difference between the lightest and heaviest, their body shapes are all quite different at the moment. Trystan is very petite and all muscle right now, while Logan is a bit shorter and chunkier and Kailey and Harrison are both long and lean. Kailey likes to hold her arms open to either side when she wants to be picked up and girl's got some skyscraper arms and fingers!

Weeks and weeks ago, I promised a post on how we accomplished 12-hour sleeps at night for those who have asked how in the world we did it with quadruplets. And it's coming, I promise! It takes me forever to get anything done these days. No, seriously. It took me five days to put away one basket worth of laundry that sat in my room for a week before that. Just as soon as I set out to do a particular task, about three more pop up in its place and then a baby starts crying for attention or my phone rings and then I can't even remember what I was trying to remember to do in the first place. I tend to go through that cycle about three more times before ever touching down on a project and even then it doesn't always get finished. How the hell I meet deadlines for work I'll never know.

This is my crazy life. And I love it all.


  1. I love how big and cute everyone is getting! How precious that Kailey talks to things with eyes. Our just noticed each other and babble amongst each other, it is priceless! I am looking forward to that sleep post, but know what ya mean about getting stuff done. It is all a game of whack a mole! I am happy to know I am not alone in this trouble.

  2. Beautiful times 4. You are so blessed, enjoy every minute:)
    My youngest Grandson is two and a half and is really into Santa, Christmas trees, and singing Jingle Bells Rock, you have so many wonderful memories times four awaiting you:)

  3. Sweetness X4. Can't believe how much they are growing. Love Love them little leggings you have on them. We sure hope you have a very Merry Christmas with all them little snuggle buddies. Sherri


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