{Quad Squad} Six Month Report!

Today was our much-anticipated six-month pediatrician appointment. We couldn't wait to get there and give our doctor updates on the crew, especially how they are sleeping all night! She was a big ambassador for us in that arena and I know she was anxious to hear how pulling the last night feed went. And, not to ring my own bell or anything...ok, maybe a little...she was more than impressed. In fact, that whole office is always thrilled to see the quads come through and they're always amazed at how big they're getting, how well they're progressing and what all around good babies they are. We are so blessed!

Me and Trystan
My mom accompanied the husband and I to the doctor's office and I'm always so grateful when we have multiple people to help maneuver the loading and unloading and handing off babies to be weighed, measured, etc. I like to be able to ride in the back of our suburban when we're taking all four babies somewhere, as we're just on the outskirts of all the choking episodes we were used to having as they matured the past couple months.

Grandma will entertain the babies any way she can!
There was lots of baby juggling and holding and lots of excited updates to our doctor about all the quads' latest and tons of questions from me on how to progress with their feedings, spoon feedings, pureed and, eventually, solid foods. As I suspected, we're right on target and will be adding a second spoon feeding starting next week. We're still working our way through all the fruits and vegetables that we can before moving to "stage 2" foods. Now we'll start serving rice cereal mixed with some fruit with the 8am bottle, a fruit or veggie spoon feeding with the 11:45am bottle then the 3:30pm bottle by itself and continue to put rice cereal in their 7pm bottle. Once we feel comfortable there, we'll tack on a third and final spoon feeding to the 7pm bottle...and from there, we'll work up to dropping the 3:30 bottle and bumping up the night bottle sooner and add in finger foods for a snack twice daily.

We were also cleared to switch from our high-calorie formula, Similac Neosure, to "regular" formula. We've chosen to go with Enfamil Infant for the next six months at which time we'll gloriously make the transition to REAL MILK. And a break on our budget. Woo hoo!!!

Daddy signing forms with one hand and holding Kailey in the other!
Aside from the horrible shots the babies had to get—including their second round of synagis, which protects against RSV, a very scary respiratory infection going around this time of year—they all weighed in and measured up wonderfully! The quads are measured on a full-term growth chart (that's the "percentile" attached to the numbers) so there are no alterations made to the numbers despite them being born 2 1/2 months premature. Here's the stats:

Height 24 inches |  1.45%tile
Weight 13lbs 8oz |  6.81%tile
Head Circumference 17 inches |  76.02%tile
(Yes, my little Logan Bear has a, ahem, big head. But we haven't told her that! Doc says she'll grow into it.)

Height 26 inches |  51.93%tile
Weight 13lbs 4oz |  5.05%tile
Head Circumference 16.75 inches |  58.85%tile
(My sweet Kailey girl is a tall, lanky gal and of that we are so proud. My family consists of many short people, including both my parents—and that's said with love!—so the husband and I are thrilled to know we've got some hopeful skyscrapers in the mix.)

Height 26 1/4 inches |  30%tile
Weight 14lbs 2oz |  2%tile
Head Circumference 17 inches | 43%tile
(Though Harrison is actually a teeny bit taller than Kailey, boys are scaled differently than girls so, like the doctor said, he doesn't get as much credit as she does for being tall! But he's a skinny, super long fellow and still leads the pack on all fronts from eating and play time to talking and laughing.)

Height 24 1/4 inches |  3%tile
Weight 12lbs 13oz |  3%tile
Head Circumference 16 3/4 inches |  59%tile
(Trystan is our petite little girl. She's all muscle, though, and likes to be held so she can stand on her legs and wobble around. Somebody had to get the short gene and I think we're looking at an adorable mini-me here! Except with red hair.)
The quads super-preemie diapers they first began with, left, and their size 1 diapers six months later!

All in all, we couldn't be happier with our quad squad and we're so proud of these strong individuals. They are fantastic kids and bring us so much joy on a daily basis—I can't even put into words how much they make my heart overflow. And that's a big deal, coming from a writer. ;)

Needless to say, the majority of our day was taken up by the doctor appointment. Preparing for it, strapping four babies into car seats, loading them up, unloading, then reloading and hauling them home, feeding them upon arrival then immediately bathing everybody so we're all clean—it's a big production!!

Yesterday I had the babies all to myself and figured I wouldn't get much extra stuff done, but somehow I managed to meet a deadline for work and finish off a travel story, decorated our house for Christmas and put away piles of laundry. Wham. Bam.

And to tantalize your senses, here's a sneak peek of le Christmas tree...

More Christmas photos to come soon! I'm also working on a post on details about our feedings, making baby food and what we're cooking as well as how we accomplished 12 hour snoozes at night. Got a topic you want to hear more about? Leave a note in the comments!


  1. Loooove this post! The babies' look so great, and they are way long compared to my short babies'. Apparently mine all take after their dad, lol. You're an awesome momma, lunch date SOON!

  2. Your mom under the blanket cracked me up, she is pretty special:)
    Hope you dont have to much crankieness tonite after all the shots.The babies are doing fantastic and dont have to tell you how cute they are.
    Your tree is beautiful.Thanks for sharing:)

  3. What an exciting post!! It was a great day and worth getting up at 3:30 this morning so I could be there by 10:00 am to be a part of this HUGE milestone!!! You are awesome, my dear! I knew from the time you were 7 years old you would be a wonderful mom!! I truly believe you are enjoying your babies every bit as much as I enjoyed mine!!

  4. Wow, them babies are growing growing growing. So glad they got good reports. They are such cuties and I enjoy watching them grow. You and your husband are awesome because I have no idea how you can get all that done and so organized. Can you come to my house and organize me. LOL Have a great day! Sherri

  5. They are looking so big! It's great that they are on the charts. We just had our 4 month check up and all of ours apparently have large heads too. I figure they'll hold more brains. We just switched to enfamil too, but doc said no solids till 6 months.
    Your tree is lovely! Way to tackle the to do list!

  6. Those little darlings are growing like weeds and like I said recently I am impressed with the schedule you've worked out. Pamela never liked to sleep. she was always afraid she'd miss something. She would out last the boys in energy. She was the energizer bunny but now as an adult she loves that sleep. LOL


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