{Weekend Recap} Christmas with the In-laws!

Last weekend really felt like Christmas. The husband's parents arrived early Friday evening, just before we put the quads to bed, and unloaded like they had driven Santa's sleigh. There were presents and gift bags everywhere!!!

They also were kind enough to haul down our new (used) quad stroller, that we found through a friend of a friend of our sister-in-law. It's so kind of people to be looking out for us! It was a great purchase and even though I'd been dragging my feet at the idea of getting one, when I found out this one was for sale I knew it was meant to be. It will definitely make walks around the neighborhood and future outings, like trips to the zoo or parks, much, much easier.

We woke up Saturday and the husband sprang out of bed and said, "It's Christmas morning!" Ha, so we were a wee bit excited to celebrate the holiday early and we were looking forward to all the gift exchanges and food. For breakfast, we noshed on sausage balls, cinnamon rolls, fruit and Mimosas. Then I set out a huge spread with crackers, cheeses, pancetta and salami, dip, chips and more that held us over until dinner. And that consisted of ham, broccoli cheese rice casserole, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes.

We even had a fireplace! Though not the real thing, my famous fireplace DVD did the trick for a festive ambiance. (The baby's swings are in front of the fireplace and I'm not about to risk smoking the place up just yet!)

We put down the quads' play mats and let them roll around for a little bit, then we pulled out all the Christmas gifts from under the tree! We "helped" the babies open up their gifts and went ahead and gave them the plush animal rattlers I'd found several weeks ago. Mom and dad will save the rest for Christmas day!

But Grandma and Grandpa spoiled the quad squad with loads of thoughtful things! The girls got a PILE of new clothes, PJs and adorable headbands...

Logan was busy picking out her new pajamas to wear later. :)

Kailey in new PJs from Grandma!
...and Harrison got his own pile of new duds, shoes and books. Everything was super cute! Grandma was smart and helped us stock up on some 12 and 18 month size clothing, too. It was hard to believe that one day soon Harrison will fit into them, they looked giant!

Uncle Mark with Harrison in his new hat. Love it!
Daddy made a good Santa for the day!
At the end of the day, we fed the quads their nighttime bottles then settled down on the couch for our nightly book reading. This month, we've been working our way through a pile of Christmas books my mom brought that belonged to me as a little kid. This particular night, Grandma and Grandad had brought Twas the Night Before Christmas—perfect for their first bedtime tale to the babies.

The next day, Sunday, the husband's parents met up with his younger brother for lunch and so we had a quiet afternoon at the house. You wouldn't believe it, but all six of us took a nap! I laid on the couch with Trystan, Kailey fell asleep in her pack-and-play and the husband got comfy in the recliner with Logan and Harrison. 

Afterward, we all hung out and watched football. Naturally, the husband is pretty thrilled that all four of his babies will sit and watch the colorful football game on TV. Makes him feel like he's got game day buddies during NFL season! (Logan was still sleeping so she didn't make the photo below!)

"Why yes, I am watching football!"
The in-laws spent a few more hours playing with the babies before heading home. We had a great time and can't wait for their next visit! Now, we're getting ready for the real Christmas day with Grandma and Grandad C!

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday!


  1. That little belly showing sure made me wish I could give it a raspberry. LOL They are adorable. Harrison has such perfect expressions to put those captions on. You have a great group there!

  2. Total cuteness all around. Merry Christmas to your family. Sherri


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