Spring Rally!

Spring. Rally. Work. Beer. Friends. Fun.

That about sums up the past five days! I spent the better half of this week doing some writing for several bridal magazines before our friend, Anand, arrived from Houston on Wednesday. We showed him around town a little bit last night after dinner at the Ferryhill House Hotel. (This time I tried something new and got the apricot crusted pork chops and they were delish!) It's always fun having a group of Americans to pal around with over here, we had a great time doing a little bar hopping, enjoying a couple Coors Lights and trying to figure out what "sassage" is. Oh, and we may have indulged in our favorite drink at Soul known as TVR, aka tequila, vodka, Red Bull. It comes by the pitcher = trouble.

I'm not one to chronicle my outfits but after I got ready to head out, I realized I had managed to wear hot pink, bright yellow and turquoise all in one! White jacket and turquoise ring are from Primark, yellow top from Zara, jeans are Top Shop, bag is Debenhams, boots are old ones from Kohl's, turquoise bracelet made by my friend Lisa and brown/gold braided bracelet is Chan Luu. Whew, I am a walking posterchild for Aberdeen shops, ha.

Mike took one look at me and said I must be trying to will springtime into existence. I guess it worked, because the blue skies were in full force this morning as I headed out with my boss and his wife to the VIP Day for the Granite City Rally. It was organized by my boss' company, h-events, and hosted by Station Garage Mitsubishi. Basically, someone had a rally track created on their land specifically for this event. It's layout includes several "pieces" of road inspired by other rally tracks around the country, I believe. Clients arrived and slurped up their coffee and bacon rolls before shimmying into a flattering orange flame-retardant suit and getting their turn in a car around the track. Professional rally drivers did the honors, rattling everyone through the gravel road at breakneck speeds with some breakneck turns. I will admit to gripping the sides of my seat a little tight during my turn, but I kept my bacon roll down!! It was amazing to actually watch a driver manuever through such an intense track. I told my guy that it would be a really bad day if he ever got car sick!

While I was at the rally, the guys were enjoying the weather as well and played a round of golf just outside Aberdeen. Mike's still working on improving his swing so he can play at St. Andrews this summer!

I got a few good pictures of the trees and flowers which are gradually welcoming the change in season. It's so exciting to see the landscapers out and about re-planting trees, green bushes, mowing the grass and arranging flowers. Every day that it's sunny outside, there are kids playing in the park across the street from us. And I think I may have actually gotten a slight sunburn on my face from today... GASP!!!!! CAN IT BE TRUE!?!?!

Tomorrow it's back to work for a long day at the official Granite City Rally, then Sunday it's more writing then work as usual next week before we're off to London! I am really looking forward to eating at Gordon Ramsay's pub and, most of all, seeing the Phantom of the Opera sequel!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a nice weekend and enjoys the weather. Don't forget to wear your seatbelt.


  1. What a great post! Spring has SPRUNG in Aberdeen!! You knew it WOULD....eventually! Love your spring 'Look' and am so happy you have a blush of SUN on your nose! Enjoy! Will the ash in the air affect your trip to London? I sincerely hope NOT!!

  2. So enjoying seeing sunny Aberdeen, from exile in Edinburgh. I was at university there, and met my husband during that time. Such a romantic city...


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