It's Raining Bananas!

The sun was shining when I left the flat this morning, and it was still sort of shining when I walked home from work at 5pm. It was still shining when it started raining on me at 5:01pm. Dang it!

But by the time I'd arrived home at 5:15pm, it was shining sans any water. So I took these pictures:

The weather - it's glorious!!

Now just 40 minutes later, a leaky mass of gray cotton has positioned itself above my living room bay window, clouding my light source and my mood. Bugger. (Yes, that's not a word I usually say. No, we're not starting to talk like "them." It's all for kicks and giggles, nae habit.)

I have been so wiped out this week between recovering from being sick, getting back in the gym and putting in full-time hours plus keeping up with my freelance writing... that... gasp, I haven't cooked a darn thing. You know I either don't feel good or I'm completely exhausted when I can't even muster up the energy to put skillet to stove.

The husband, however, has been dying for some banana bread so I did manage to throw together a loaf of that last night. It was so good that when it came out of the oven at 10:30pm, I'm pretty sure we scarfed down half of the steaming thing right then and there. So tonight I'm out to get more bananas after a trip to the gym, as promised, so I can make two loaves this time because "one wasn't enough banana bread, Amber!"

Here's the recipe I used should any of you folks be interested, it turned out pretty tasty if I say so muhself.

Now mush away clouds and bring me back my sunshine!!

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