Love Never Dies...

At long last, after six days of completely grounded planes and quiet air space, aviation officials have lifted the ban on UK flights saying it's now safe for them to soar the skies again. See the full BBC report here.

I am so relieved, as I was getting worried we wouldn't make our flight to London on Friday. And I cannot wait to see this:

What a masterpiece Andrew Lloyd Webber is. We have tickets to the show Friday night and I'm just beside myself with anticipation to see it. I love and adore the original Phantom of the Opera. I still crank up the soundtrack in the car while I'm driving sometimes (there's just something about that music that gives you chills), I own the DVD which I've watch often, and I have fond memories of acting as the Phantom atop one of our lifts during a swim routine we performed years ago. It was one of my favorites, too.

I'm fortunate to have seen the original with my mom during our trip to London in 2006. It is one of our absolute favorite memories of ALL time. Here's her recap of that special event, which she wrote just for this blog entry:

"For Amber's 21st birthday I took her on a trip to London! We went on a shoe string it is true! However....we DID GO!! We had the time of our lives on that May trip in 2006. I wanted to do something truly SPECIAL while we were there! When I saw Phantom of the Opera was STILL playing.....after being there since 1985...the year Amber was born...I KNEW that was to be our SPECIAL treat! So I carefully and with much thought bought our tickets long in advance. It truly was the highlight of our trip! We dressed up and rode the red double decker London bus full of anticipation.

Now I must tell you...Amber was a synchronized swimmer for 11 years and she and her team swam to Phantom and it was SPECTACULAR!! That was my all time favorite team event of her career! So Phantom holds a special place in my emotions as well as hers. We were NOT disappointed! The play exceeded all expectations! I just shivered when the music would crescendo! The theater is old and elegant. Seats are very close to one another and there is no air conditioning. You literally feel as if you have stepped back in time! At intermission we caught our breath and enjoyed the whole experience of just BEING THERE!

When the play was over and we were carried into the London air by the throng of all the people pouring out of the theater......we were in a daze! We had SEEN Phantom in LONDON!! We lingered awhile snapping pictures....not wanting this evening to end! And it never has, actually!! That wonderful time lives on in my memory and I take it out and enjoy it often!"
 -Linda Chapman


Here's a little background on the show taken from the website:

The principal characters of The Phantom of the Opera continue their stories in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s LOVE NEVER DIES. Ten years after the mysterious disappearance of The Phantom from the Paris Opera House, Christine Daa√© accepts an offer to come to America and perform at New York’s fabulous new playground of the world – Coney Island. Arriving in New York with her husband Raoul and their son Gustave, Christine soon discovers the identity of the anonymous impresario who has lured her from France to sing. This brand-new show is a roller coaster ride of obsession and intrigue…in which music and memory can play cruel tricks… and The Phantom sets out to prove that, indeed, LOVE NEVER DIES.

To find out more about the show, tour schedule, background and ticket prices, click here.

“Phantom is one of those musicals that never leaves you high and dry. Once you're on the roller coaster, you're on it for good.”
~Andrew Lloyd Webber

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  1. I am so very happy you will get to see Love Never Dies in LONDON!!! How very perfect! Thanks for letting me be a 'guest' on your blog!


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