Sizzle Me Baby!

Yep, that's me. I'm a country girl and a Texas gal at heart. Never thought I'd be so into trucks, beautiful hill country, lonesome sunny gravel roads, Bud Light, cowboy boots, Bluebonnets and the heat. But growing up in the pool, drinking in the sunshine and relishing the Texas scenery for the past 24 years of my life must've done me in.

Yesterday Aberdeen received hail and snow and gusty winds. And the temps have dropped to freezing at night this week. In April, you ask? Why of course! In fact, it's even snowing again right now while the sun happens to be out! I'm thrilled to be over here and we're definitely making the most of our last four months, but gosh darn it I miss me some heat!

I didn't make a single complaint about the Texas summer heat last year because I knew I'd miss it after a couple months in Scotland and, boy was I right. I intend not to complain when we return either! I already have two beach trips to look forward to immediately after we get back - one to Gulf Shores, AL. and one to Galveston. I can already feel the sand between my toes. Slather me in coconut tanning oil, baby, and call me a sun worshipper!

Gulf Shores, AL.
Image courtesy of my mom's blog, Linda's Life Journal.  


  1. Well, I can hardly WAIT for you to get here! Did you see where I found a City Beach in Granbury the other day? Complete with really good sand and tropical covered picnic tables AND a bathroom?? No, it's not salt water but, HEY...it will do for a quick beach fix for ME! I intend to take Faith on the Friday we end MiMi camp for her (June 4th)...which is close to YOUR birthday! Even I am yearning for some HEAT! I am tired of being cold....never thought I would say that!

  2. You will enjoy Gulf Shores, it's so pretty. Florabama! We drove through there a couple times during our yearly Destin trips.


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