Blooming Beautiful

I bought a bunch of roses a few days ago and they seem to be blossoming right along with the sunny days we've been lucky enough to have lately. I love having fresh flowers in the house whenever I can. Pretty soon, Scotland will be in full bloom itself - literally - with all their beautiful landscaping and annual countrywide flower contests.

The roses I have remind me of the flowers I used in my wedding, especially my bridesmaid bouquets:

And while we're on the subject of my wedding, here's some of my favorite shots, new and old. (Mike and I had wedding portraits taken 3 years after we tied the knot!)

"There are no rules for good photographs,
there are only good photographs."
~Ansel Adams

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  1. Beautiful! Both roses and YOU! And Mike looks so very dashing! Glad the season is 'blooming out' for you there in Scotland!


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