{Quad Squad} Dallas Arboretum Fall Trip

While the husband and I recoup from our return home from Boston and spend some time catching up with the kids and stuff, I wanted to share photos of our recent trip to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden with the quad squad. It was one of the first holiday outings we've had as a family and technically our first pumpkin patch visit as well. (Though I did some pretty dang cute pictures with them when they were nearly five months old, involving some rolling babies and propping pumpkins.)

The weather kicked up some awful winds and a constant threat of rain all day, but we dressed accordingly and stayed warm. Luckily it didn't rain while we were there either, but the power to the park went out as we were standing in the ticket line so a lot of the attractions and the children's concert didn't happen. But it didn't seem to pose an issue for us, as we still enjoyed our visit!

There was a toddler-friendly area that the crew loved, they ran around exploring the path between all the mini trees, the play house, supersized wooden bugs to climb on, a treehouse with slide and more. It was a great chance for them to get out and run around and I got some excellent profile pictures, too!

From there, we headed through a few more trails with some interesting and pretty scenery...

...and found some picnic tables near the massive pumpkin patch and displays, where we ate a packed lunch we'd brought then let the kids go wild! There was some serious pumpkin love going on, ha. They kept saying "Pumpkins, pumpkinnnssss!"

The last photo of Logan is just the cutest, in my most humble opinion of course. She knows when we're taking photos now and they're all very familiar with the sight of my camera, God bless 'em, and she will dutifully say "Cheeeeeeeeeese!" when I flick open the lens cap. 

By the time we'd all chased each other through hay bales and over stacks of pumpkins, it was nearing 2pm and Harrison's grumpy face was making its grand appearance. So we called it a successful venture and cleared out to get them home for a late nap. Thankfully they obliged us with a short one and the husband and I got a chance to rest our own feet from the outing. I'm just so glad I finally got loads of pumpkin pictures and that the kids are getting a real sense of the fall season this year.

What's your favorite fall weather tradition?
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  1. Love all the pictures,the best thou are the individual ones of each,soooo damn cute each one them.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. love the pictures. Holy cow that was a lot of pumkins


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