{Littles Learning} Orange & Yellow Weeks

Several weeks ago, I worked our way through the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBPV), focusing on a different color each week through various activities, crafts and books with the quads. You can read about Red Week here. I hadn't completely gotten my plans together so Orange Week barely happened, but Yellow Week was a big improvement, so I thought I'd include both in one post.

I had one of those cute dollar books from Target that had pop-up animals inside and had already spied a simple construction paper tiger craft on Pinterest, so paired those together for our orange activity of the week. We read the book and talked about the tiger's orange color and black stripes, then I gave each kiddo pre-cut pieces of construction paper and helped them glue-stick the pieces onto their paper. I assisted with the ears, legs and googly eyes but let them do the square body and black stripes completely on their own, so we ended up with lots of funky-striped tigers. I drew on the faces with a permanent marker and hung them up in the play room so the kids could admire their work and we could reference the color throughout the week!

The only other activity we managed during orange week was an orange-themed matching game I downloaded in this orange color pack for free. Thanks Pinterest for another handy find!

Moving onto yellow, we visited the same website for our yellow color pack and used the yellow coloring book and yellow-themed flashcards.

While they colored with various shades of yellow crayons, we talked about items that are yellow and the kids each got a lemon to hold, feel and roll around on the table.

We reviewed their yellow books later in the week (after they color the pages, you cut them apart and staple together to form a book). Super easy and they liked flipping through them!

On a sunny morning after breakfast one day, I put the kiddos water table in the front yard with yellow bath coloring and gave them yellow plastic cups and they went to town. I had to remember to discuss the color frequently as we used objects in that hue and point out items that were of the same shade throughout the week.

Check back in for the rest of our color series posts coming soon!

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  1. You are harnessing your inner preschool teacher! I love how you are connecting concepts with each theme. Way to go, mama!

  2. I love how you are focusing on one color a week. And the crafts are so clever and cute!


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