DIY Floral Mobile

Recently, I spotted a beautiful floral mobile on Pinterest that graced a cute and elegant little nursery. I loved the look of the mobile so much I wanted to recreate my own version for one of the girl's rooms. And it was super easy!

I grabbed several faux floral stems from Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off, two different spools of ribbon and a medium and small grapevine wreath.

All I did was use floral cutters to snip the buds off the stems and hot glued the larger roses to the wreath and stuck the stem ends of the small flowers into the grapevine. I just randomly arranged flowers on both wreaths until they were covered enough to my liking. Then I used clear fishing line to attach the wreaths to each other, though it was a little tricky to get the lengths all even so it didn't hang crooked. I hot glued pieces of ribbon to the top wreath, and more ribbon accentuated with bows and roses on the lower wreath. I finished it off with three strands of the thick ribbon tied to the top wreath to hang it from the ceiling using two clear push pins.

Love how it turned out! And it adds a very pretty touch to their room that I know the girls will enjoy :)
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  1. I LOVE how it turned out!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person! I hope you take a pic or video of the girls when they see it!!! I can hear them now......

  2. Very pretty, if you dont mind will have to share this with my daughter, she wants to hang something above the rocker/glider in the baby's room, thia would be perfect.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! You are so talented - exactly like your mother. it suits to the babies' room so well. :)


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