{Weekend Recap} Relishing Family Occasions

I'm so grateful for mobile offices and a wonderful nanny that I can entrust my kiddos with while I am away from the house! It's important to me to maintain some semblance of my former self, which includes continuing to work. I established my freelance writing company when we moved back from Scotland in August of 2010, and have continued it ever since.

It used to be full-time, then I went part-time toward the middle of my pregnancy and worked all through bed rest and even hospital bed rest! In fact, the only time I didn't work at all was the month the babies were born! Otherwise, I've been writing articles for books and magazines in between bottles, diapers and baby cries ever since. Occasionally I conduct phone interviews for stories in the peace and quiet of my car or during nap time or rush to Starbucks for an hour or two to try and pound out some features on my laptop. Which is where I was at this morning for a bit, after wrapping up a strong session at physical therapy (I'm continuing my post-knee surgery recovery and only have one session left!).

This morning was a welcome chance for alone time, and the weekend was a busy but good one! We all partook in a brand new experience on Saturday when Meemaw and Grandad came to pick up Trystan and Kailey to attend a family event a few hours away, leaving the husband and I with Harrison and Logan. That's only two kids, half my crew, a piece of cake!! So excited at all the possibilities, the husband and I jumped at the chance to take them to the movies to see Planes. It was showing at the dollar theatre, which made it very affordable to attend and possibly even leave early if they weren't overly interested!

They did great! Harrison led me into the theatre like he'd been there a million times, and we decided on a row of seats not far in. We put the kids each in their own seat, but the bottom half of the chair kept folding up on them since they don't weigh all that much and weren't big enough to keep the chair flipped open! Plus they were a little too low down to see the screen very well. So we plopped them in our laps—which worked perfectly, mind you, since we only had two kids!—and they were very content to watch the movie this way and shovel popcorn into their mouths. Harrison fell asleep for the last 15 minutes but woke up as we were leaving and promptly said, "Good movie!" He talked about all the planes and cars in it the rest of the weekend, sweet boy. :)

Meanwhile, Trystan and Kailey soaked up all the attention they received from family members and enjoyed their outing with the grandparents very much. And I think the grandparents enjoyed it, too. Quality time in a family of multiples is a prized and precious thing!

Back at home, we all attended church on Sunday morning as a family, which is also a special occurrence for me. I've always sort of daydreamed about the day we'd have a family and be lucky enough to have grandparents living nearby that would come over at church for Sunday dinner. Even better, those wonderful grandparents attend church with us so that it's possible to bring all the kids and then come over for dinner and continue to lend a helping hand! We are loving the church we found and have had so many nice people come up and introduce themselves after the service, though it's mostly to check out the kids and talk about how cute they and how busy we must be. ;)

Dinner was a success and this time I even had the kids sit at the dining table with us. (I love a full table.) I try to incorporate the crockpot for Sundays to make things easier, and this time I cooked a creamy Ranch chicken I found on Pinterest and it was a total hit! My mom brought tons of fresh fruit, like cantaloupe and peaches, plus a delicious Dr Pepper cake that I've always been a huge fan of and now the babies love it, too.

The Cowboys won their game against the Houston Texans, so that made for a happy afternoon, then I ran off to the library to get some books and videos for this week (we're working on shapes) and got home in time to join the husband and kids in the backyard to build sand castles and take tons of photos of my handsome husband and cutie kiddies in some excellent natural light. (Including a couple of me watching them throw sand at each other in the sandbox, ha.) Below is Kailey making the face she does every time you tell her to look at the camera and say, "Cheese!" She is such a goofball.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 
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  1. Great pictures of a beautiful family. Wow the kids eating at the dining table,does that mean the use of the Quad table is about to come to a end? :(
    Are your articles/writings in local publications only? Would love to read them.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Such great pictures!!!! Please email me the ones of you.....I am going to print and frame them!

  3. What great pictures of your family! They should be framed and displayed.

  4. Wonderful photos! Definitely frame worthy ~ :)


  5. Thanks for sharing. You are awesome and beautiful too.


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