{Weekend Recap} Labors of Love, Hunting & More

I've posted a few times (like here and here) about how things have been, um, very challenging right now with the quad squad. I really did think that the "terrible twos" were a myth or just a label for ornery kids that were a pain in the ass. Then my four toddlers turned into ornery kids that are a pain in my ass and I realized the "terrible twos" was a real thing. And I got really sad and extra tired for awhile. But then with the constant encouragement and friendly reminders from fellow quad moms who have older kids, from my own mom and mother-in-law and encouragement both to and from the husband, I'm reminded that this is a stage just like any other and it will not last forever! I still smile and laugh several times a day, so that's gotta count for something, right!?

Our weekend was a fairly good one, despite my ongoing recovery from getting both my knees scoped two weeks ago and having a torn meniscus repaired in both as well. (I'm still of the mindset that getting both knees done at once is easier than one at a time and drawing the whole process out. Though being hobbled and laid up with two bum knees is frustrating, to say the least.) Each knee has three small incisions where the scopes went in, so the stitches are minimal and I'm hoping the scars are, too. I've been keeping Vitamin E oil and coconut oil on them to reduce redness and help with healing.

The husband and I decided the kids needed to get out of the house Saturday so we loaded them up in the 'burb and headed to his parent's house for an afternoon outing. The kids enjoyed it very much and Grandmommy made them snow cones to enjoy in the yard, while they ran around and played and got rosy red cheeks. Then we cooled off inside, ate tons of pizza for dinner, took baths in the tub and headed home for a late bedtime. Everyone passed out promptly, which makes for a happy (though worn out) momma and daddy!

I wasn't feeling very well Sunday morning and my knees were hurting pretty good, so we moseyed around the house and spent time with the kids then fed them lunch and put them down for rock solid naps. Loving the quiet house, we both hit the couch and made it through two episodes of the first season of House of Cards. I'm not usually one for political-based shows, but this one has us both intrigued! Afterward, I ran to Carter's and took advantage of their Labor Day sale, 25% off clearance prices and 50% off the entire store plus a coupon for 25% off my total purchase (nearly everything I got is pictured below, except the four pairs of sunglasses!). Harrison is mostly set right now so all he got was a cool camo dinosaur t-shirt, while the girls needed some pants, tops and PJs. I seriously LOVE shopping Carter's! So glad their clothes go up to 7T, so hopefully I can shop there for many more years. ;)

Late in the afternoon, we reunited with the husband's family again on Sunday, this time at our house and accompanied by his two brothers (one older, one younger) as well. The kids loved more outdoor play time in the front yard and got a kick out of watching Daddy show them how to hula hoop! Grandmommy brought BBQ for dinner and babies and adults all wolfed down food and adults got some wine. ;) Then the guys prepped to go dove hunting all day Labor Day together—it's an annual event and the husband takes our white lab, Shiner, who's a trained hunting dog and acts like a puppy in the fields, he's so excited!

While the husband was away hunting, my mother-in-law came over to help me out with the kiddos. They were feisty, to say the least. Holy lesson-in-patience. Nearly pulled out all my hair. I think my mother-in-law and I have both recovered a little bit—she went home and rested and my mom came over yesterday to help provide much-needed relief!—so we're at it again today. And now I'm off to the doctor for the first appointment since surgery and am hoping for a good report.

Happy Hump Day!
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  1. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my.
    (That's all I got!)

  2. Hope your Dr appointment went well. Cannot believe those darling little ones are ever pains in the ass....well yes I can;)
    Love all the outfits,love Carter's especially for little girls.
    Thanks for sharing,love all the pics,Shiner looks so playful:)

  3. Good luck with your continued recovery on your knees. I had an ACL repair with four laproscopic incisions, and after a year, I could barely find the scars. Hopefully, that will be the case with you too!

  4. I just bought sizes 8 and 10 in Carter's, they are going higher now!

  5. Silicone strips (got them at Target) is what my surgeon told me to put on my recent incision. I believe they really worked so may be something to look into but hopefully since they were laproscopic you will hardly see them.

    Also was going to let you know that I believe Carter's now goes up to size 12 but the larger sizes are often only online but more and more of them are showing up in the store.

    Anndddd just so you know 3's are not a whole lot better and there is a word for them but it is not appropriate for your blog! So if you can't figure it out I will let all the qmbff's know in our own setting

    1. So happy to know my Carter's days are long before me!!

  6. Prayers that you got a good report at the doctor.
    I have one 2 year old and she's killing me. I cannot imagine her times 3
    Bless your heart :)

  7. Yes, the 2's will pass, the new kiddie clothes are darling, glad your knees are healing; BUT, finally, someone mentioning House of Cards! I watched on Netflix so had to pace myself! I don't like political shows, either, but this is so much more! Keep us posted on what you think about it. I'm frantic for new episodes to be released.

  8. Goodness, the terrible twos are legit! The constant whining threatens my sanity every single day. Thank God they are cute though, right?
    Your knees are looking good, I know you won't regret having both done once you are fully healed.

  9. Every day is a new day new week what ever. But everything passes and something new happens. The kids are looking and sounding like people. Growing too fast. ;o)

    Just think what it will be like when they hit middle school or dating. Enjoy this stage as best you can. Hugs

  10. AnonymousJune 27, 2016

    Carter's is amazing! I get all my baby clothes for gifts from there when there's a new arrival in the family (UK based).


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