{Daily Pics} 8 Year Anniversary!

Because I'm totally exhausted and it's only Tuesday, here's some photos from the weekend plus Monday that I wanted to share...

Celebrating eight years of marriage to the love of my life TODAY!!! 

Lighting our unity candle at our wedding on September 30, 2006!

Sporting support for my home team and was happy to celebrate their victory!

The husband cleaning up the leftover signs of child's play in our front yard :)

Monday morning at the park!

Watching Frozen with their daddy, such sweet moments.

Speaking of Frozen, the girls got new Frozen gear from Target yesterday after Logan spotted a girl at the park wearing a Frozen shirt. She couldn't believe it!

And Harrison was ecstatic over his Paw Patrol shirt, also from Target!

The best smelling coconut vanilla candle and fresh roses, which always make me happy!

Here's to not getting my ass kicked by four two-year-olds this week!
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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you all have a "Special" weekend get away planned.
    Good win over the Rams,most St Louisans could care less about them, it is Cardinal baseball we love.
    As usual the Quads are adorable,love every picture.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hope the kiddos go easy on you this week :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding must have been gorgeous ~ that photo is. Hang in there! I really don't know how you do it all but don't let them get you down. :)


  4. That photo of Mike and the fabulous four on the couch is too cute! Hope y'all enjoyed your special day!



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