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Earlier this summer, I vowed to begin adding more structure into each week with the quad squad. They are growing and picking up so much so fast these days that I really want to take advantage of their curious, inquiring, impressionable minds and pack them with as much learning as I can. I'm no teacher but I was homeschooled until I was 15 years old then attended a junior college and earned my associates degree when I was 18. Two years later, I graduated from Texas State University with a journalism degree. Considering I pretty much have an instant classroom and value education, I'm determined to do my best with the kiddos until they head off to kindergarten. (We won't be doing preschool since it's a hefty investment times four, though we're contemplating a day or two of mother's day out per week starting in the spring.)

Anywho, I've shared a few book-and-craft related projects under my new Littles Learning category and now I'm sharing the color series we did, in which we worked through each hue of the rainbow, spending one week on each color. 

Here's what we did for Red Week! And keep in mind these activities all took place on various days during the week...

*We started off with a simple activity using threaded beads and red pipe cleaners.

*I had everyone tear up red construction paper, which they loved demolishing.

*Then we added the torn paper to boxes filled with red tissue paper, filler paper and random red objects I gathered from their toy bins.

*We also did painting with various colors using Melissa & Doug paint brushes and cut up sponges (art smocks are from Ikea). We discussed all the different colors and practiced identifying red many times.

*The red piper cleaners made a second appearance inside empty Voss water bottles, and the kids were able to practice twisting off the lids and emptying and reinserting the pipe cleaners into the bottles. Sounds simple enough but kept them occupied on and off that afternoon!

*Lastly, we did a red discovery bin for the whole group with random red-hued items from their play room as well as a few red-covered books. 

*We also read several books on colors and general and practiced identifying all the colors throughout, and took a bath with red bath coloring one evening and only red bath toys (the foam letters and shapes are great for that). 

Stay tuned for more Color Series posts!
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  1. Some suggestions from a teacher... Continue to do activities that build fine motor skills. The bead stringing is a great start. Limit 'swiping' on electronics. Build hand strength with play-doh, clay, etc. When they start writing, make sure they are holding the pencil correctly. You can buy grips to help them place their fingers correctly. I teach upper grade kids, and half of them don't hold their pencils correctly. This causes their hand to tire out quickly and hurt when they have a lot to write.

  2. You might want to check local charter schools for a pre-k program. Here in NM I was able to get my girls into a state sponsored program at a charter school. It was just half day but it helped prepare them for kindergarten. There were no income restrictions, just a lottery application. Bonus points for a 3 hour break five days a week for mom!

  3. Great ideas!!! Today I bought pipe cleaners at the store to do a craft tomorrow with my crew. You always inspire me with fresh ideas, friend!

  4. Oh my goodness, Amber! I am amazed at how much these kiddos have grown! Facebook must have changed something because you haven't popped up in my feed in forever. They're adorable! Does Mike have plans to build a new table soon? ;)


    Oh PS! - if you want to keep me on the side bar blogroll, do you mind updating the name + address? Some things didn't transfer over when I switched to SquareSpace. Blog title: KiKiMac // address: www.KiKiMac.me // Thanks!!

  5. What type of paint are you using?


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