{Weekend Recap} The Quads go to Church & 12 Toddlers Come to Play

"...a significant event or stage in the life, progress, development,or the like of a person..."
This is an online dictionary's definition of the word and it truly sums up this past weekend. (Unlike the dictionary's other definition, "a stone functioning as a milepost." Much less thrilling, though sometimes that's how I feel when it's been a rough day. Anywho...)

It should be of little secret that having kids in your life certainly influences a lot of the events and achievements you look forward to. Kids influence the level of excitement and love (and anger, frustration, exhaustion and confusion!) you feel on a daily basis, and they also influence the activities you focus on and the moments you cherish.

Since we brought the babies home from the NICU when they were two months old, we looked forward to having them dedicated at our local church. But being on quarantine with preemie infants didn't allow for a trip to public places so we had to postpone. Now they're two years old and we've still yet to have them dedicated but just might have found our new home church where that can happen! Sunday was a monumental occasion because the husband and I took the quad squad to church for their very first time, accompanied by Grandma and Granddad. :)

You always hope for a good family photo of special occasions, like the one we captured above, but really other than those two seconds, the rest of the photos look like this...

The kids did so amazing and I was so proud of them and so proud of how far we've come that I actually teared up twice—once in church and once in the car when we left! The husband and I took the quads to Children's Church and stayed in there the whole time since this was their first experience in a classroom-type setting of any kind. The nursery workers and director were all very accommodating and super sweet and we loved everything. So did the quads! They did awesome, better than I'd even hoped, and took part in some of the activities and eagerly watched all the other kids around them.

After church, we went out to lunch as a family and enjoyed that experience and the kids continued to be on best behavior! It's just so special to do things that make us feel "normal" and not have to worry about logistics or how we are going to get four babies in somewhere, or fielding questions and stares or watching the clock so we don't miss the next feeding or something.

The crew went down for naps pretty well after their morning of excitement, which was great because by the time they woke up, two other sets of quadruplets had arrived at our house!! Yup, that's right. I had three sets of quads at my place, which amounts to twelve two-year-olds! A fellow quad mom I know that lives in Indiana was in town visiting family and we had planned an afternoon play date several weeks ago and invited my local quad momma, Amber, to come join us.

I made 12 plates of fruit, chicken nuggets, fries and cheese for the kiddos' dinner...

...and served Caesar salad and lasagna (and wine!) for the adults! We ate while the kids enjoyed their delicious cookie cake for dessert that Amber brought and watched Bubble Guppies in the play room. It was surprisingly peaceful and quiet to have a dozen toddlers in there!

After everyone dispersed and went their separate ways, the husband and I hung out in the front yard with our own quads for a few minutes and relished the big day we'd had! I mentioned it was like we'd just hosted an entire birthday party (after hosting our squad's second birthday several weeks ago), but without presents or having to decorate! After all, we'd had 17 kids of various ages at their party and had 12 kids of the same age at our play date.

The afternoon was a small undertaking, but definitely one we enjoyed. Which is shocking when I really sit back and think about it, because my life is so different now than it used to be!! I mean, just looking at the couple of blog posts I have started on my computer is a perfect indication of where my focus lies these days. Kid meals, kid activities, kid learning, kid decor, kid outings and so the story goes. And I'm thankful for every single chapter...
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  1. Your family is beautiful! As a mom of twins, I love hearing about your adventures!

    1. Thank you! Happy to have readers that enjoy sharing the ride :)

  2. What a wonderful weekend,love that you found a church, and the pictures of your playdate are great, as are the family group pictures.
    You are one amazing gal, all of your small undertkings turn out wonderfully,you just seem to have it all together,
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. It was a day of wonderful milestones! It truly is amazing how our lives have evolved in just a few short years. I absolutely love having you as a QMBFF and for my kids to grow up with yours. That makes me tear up a bit.

  4. i love your shirt, haha

  5. Yeah for great milestones! It doesn't seem like that long ago when "milestones" meant that someone was not on cpap any more--- oh, how far the kids have come!! :)


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