{Littles Learning} Wheels on the Bus Book & Craft

This was my second book & craft combo I tackled with the quads and it was pretty straight forward and easy to accomplish. They love The Wheels on the Bus song so I figured we'd use the book—in which the text is the same as the song, anyway—an easy construction paper craft and anything else I could come up with. That turned out to be toy buys and a few yellow bus kid-friendly YouTube vidoes.

We started off with a couple videos online that had to do with buses, a few were animated and focused on colors or counting, which was a plus. Then we talked about the buses (or cars makeshift buses!) that each kiddo had and their color, their different parts, what they do and so on.

Afterward, I read the book then handed out craft supply pieces. I pre-printed four cardstock papers with a road, tree and cloud clipart I found free online, which seemed to help greatly since the quads acted like they knew just where to put the bus—on the road!

Some frantic glue stick-ing on my part and a little assistance in positing some of the pieces and we ended up with four fully-assembled yellow bus crafts! (I just freehanded the shapes I cut out from regular construction paper.)

Told ya it was easy! 

What book and craft combos do you love or plan to try?
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  1. Such a cute idea! You should have been a teacher :)


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