{Tyke Bites} Quick B-Fast, Blackened Salmon & More

Hey y'all, here's another installment of Tyke Bites, featuring a random day of meals in Quadville!

This is what I refer to as my "easy" breakfast, something that's super quick to throw together on mornings I wake up late or we're trying to leave not long after eating as it takes five minutes to prep. I use whatever fresh fruit I have on hand, like grapes and raspberries, flavored Greek yogurt (the quads eat the Greek Gods brand and love the honey blueberry flavor!), mini chocolate Wheaties and Nutrigrain bars.

Lunch was grilled cheese, veggie chips, Caesar salad (they just started becoming interested in eating salad) and strawberries. It's nice when I can make myself a plate of the exact same thing and call it done!

For dinner, we do all eat the exact same thing. I make one meal and then supplement some fruit for the kiddos. Normally, what you're served is what you get and I don't offer anything extra. At dinner time, there's only a slight exception to that rule because I want to make sure the babies have eaten a sufficient amount to be sleeping through the night for 12 hours. If someone has really picked at their plate or not liked what they were served, they may get some Greek yogurt or applesauce to help top them off—and of course, everyone else is also offered some or there will be a mutiny.

This night's dinner was blackened salmon, roasted potatoes and garlic, cheese sticks, pineapple and strawberries for the kiddos. Momma and daddy added wine to round out our meal. ;)

And of course there's nothing better than butter cookies with chocolate and sprinkles! The kids go crazy over these and I let them each pick out their own cookie from the box, which they also enjoy because they must select the very best one even if it takes me five minutes, mom.

Be sure to check out my Tot Food board on Pinterest for more pint-sized bites! And in case you missed it, you can check out what we did the last two weekends here.
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  1. Your meals always look so good and healthy,I have never seen Chocolate Wheaties.
    Thhanks for sharing:)

  2. You're such a good cook, Amber. I would enjoy that meal myself!

  3. Amber, may I ask but how is this black salmon made? As you may know we do have salmons in Finland, loads of them actually. It is like our everyday food, like hot dogs in US. But I never heard of black salmon. Would be nice to learn a new way to prepare salmon. Also knowing your food sounds always yummy. Thanks.

    1. Of course! I use a pre-made blackened seasoning I buy at the grocery, but you can also mix your own. Here's a recipe idea to get you started, I'd search online for other seasoning mixes and experiment! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alexandra-guarnaschelli/blackened-salmon-recipe.html

  4. Amber, so manu thanks for this! And just speechless about your new blogging. I wish I were able to say more... I will admire you always but also admire your good luck because your kids are so even with any sigleton ever. Lucky and lovely - that is you, Amber.

  5. Hi, I will try to cook this black salmon today! Looks like worth it to me. Thank you Amber!


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