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While I'm still recovering from a bilateral knee scope and spend one more night at my mom's house—which, by the way, the husband has been phenomenal taking care of the kids and I've left him with plenty of help!—I figured I'd share a few little updates we've made to the house over the past several weeks. You know, when I was still walking around like I didn't have two bum knees. Sigh.

It's not so much of an update as a "Hey, you can actually see the floor in there!" deal in our master bedroom. It's been covered with boxes, papers, clothes and baby socks for the longest time and I finally got around to cleaning most of it up. There's still plenty of decorative touches I need to add in there once I figure out what they are, and since I took this photo I've already moved the love seat into the play room downstairs and put our two recliners in its place instead. So...you know...progress. And yes those are extra carbon monoxide detectors sitting on my office desk.

The entryway had been similar covered in little people and big people shoes as well as grass, dirt, dog hair and so on. When I cleaned it up one afternoon I decided to add some fresh miniature white roses and some new frames and things for a slightly nautical feel for summer. But really it just looks like a couple frames and things, not so much a theme. And it's all still there because I haven't had time to move any of it, though I will in a couple weeks for fall. Either way, I'm just glad the table got dusted!

Our dining room had some nice, rather large details added. I scored the two mirrored wall hangings that you see on either side of the hutch for $20!!!! They are incredibly heavy and I hauled them home with a toddler I had that day at Hobby Lobby, too. Go me! The husband anchored them to the wall nice and sturdy-like and I love the way the look in there.

I could pretend my dining room looks this clean and nice all the time, but then I'd be lying. Because it's also where we keep the dog kennel for our two dinosaurs labs, and the table is usually covered in the husband's papers for work, a craft I'm working on or leftover junk no one knows where it belongs. So let me just have this moment where it's only inhabited by dogs, okay!?

I do love the patio door in the dining room that brings light into both it and the adjoining living room—which we usually refer to as our "adult living room" since the kids aren't usually in there and it's not full of toys. (Though that's changed a little bit in the past few weeks.) Fortunately, our fully stocked bar space is right there so a drink isn't far from hand when needed! Recently, we hung the little decorative iron piece above the bar, which was also a Hobby Lobby find for $10.

If you spotted those little kiddie chairs in the corner, then you've discovered the quad-friendly space I added to our living room. It's the perfect spot for them to stop and grab a book or puzzle when they're out of the play room and roaming the house, and it tends to keep things a little more contained.

That turquoise book case was a cool piece I purchased in South Texas during my first annual quad momma trip with some of my closest mommas of four and more, and I love it! Turquoise is my favorite color and I wanted to pull a little bit of it into the side of the room, so when my mother-in-law gave me a table runner in the same hue, I immediately found a home for it on the entertainment center.

Those wine candles are ones I made back at Christmas as gifts and I love the Champagne pear scent. I saved larger wine bottles for decorative purposes and stuck faux greenery in them to add a little plant life appeal behind the TV screen.

So that's what new in our neck of the woods, and I'll be sharing more photos taken during my knee surgery recovery and as I get back in the swing of things at home. Plus I've got some more Littles Learning posts in the works, which I know you're excited about. Stay tuned...

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  1. Somehow I never realized you had a door from the dining room to the yard! The light it brings in really is nice and cozy. I adore the bookshelf from our trip, and especially like how you are using it for a quad book nook. Keep resting my friend and you'll be back to yourself in no time!

  2. Great decorating, love your dining room, especially the hutch,and the mirrors on either side.
    Hope you are doing ok, your hubby is one terrific guy;)
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. So very cozy and elegant! I like that your house so much space and light - and all kinds of corners. It is no standard house but so much more. Also it comes so handy to have several doors out. I used to live in a huge house when kids were small and we had seven doors out to the yard. Loved it.
    Iam so happy to read that you are unwrapping the knees and able to move somewhat around too! When I was 31 years old my right knee was operated and I got a three weeks sick leave from the hospital. Well, I was a stay at home mom at that time so no use of that aka did not have a devoted mom or a hands on hubby. I know your case is much harder but lucky you since you do have good loving family members around, Amber! :)

  4. We also have the mirror you bought at Hobby Lobby-- I'm impressed you hauled TWO with a toddler! They are soooo heavy!

  5. The house looks great!
    Hobby Lobby is bad for me! Well bad for the pocket book. I love that place.


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