{Weekend Recap} A Birthday, the Country & Bliss Spa!

Sunday isn't even officially over yet and it's already been a wonderful weekend. The best part is that the husband is off work tomorrow for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so we get a whole other 24 hours together with our babies. ;)

The husband turned 32 on Saturday and though I hadn't had the opportunity to plan much, it worked out pretty well. My parents came over early in the afternoon while the babies were still napping and I pulled on some jeans and my boots (with a little turquoise jewelry, of course, y'all know how I'm obsessed!) and took the husband to Texas Roadhouse for a steak lunch. It's seriously one of our favorite casual dining restaurants ever. We've been going there for years and it was one of the first things we looked up when we put a contract on the house we live in now!

He even spent a few minutes on Facebook for the first time in months to check out all the happy birthday wishes from friends and family. And he approved a photo of the two of us to share on the blog, ha.

After a late lunch, we made our way to a friend's house in the nearby country to catch up with them while they were in town from North Dakota. It's been a big adjustment for them since they've previously been residents of Texas, and I don't envy their super cold weather and snow right now! A recent low was -60F! No thanks!

We arrived at the party each toting our own six-pack of beer and sat on the patio in the setting sun listening to a little Roger Creager music (my country fav) and enjoying the company on a relaxing Saturday night. Reminds me of the song "Small Town Saturday Night" by Hal Ketchum.

Anyway, the next morning we slept until 8:30am thanks to our wonderful sleepy headed-kiddos then the husband made eggs, turkey bacon, biscuits and fruit for breakfast before I headed off to my long-awaited spa day!!! It was my reward for picking up the slack all the days and overnights he was gone hunting or traveling on business this past fall. I had a voucher for a great deal and enjoyed my second-ever facial, which was heaven. It was the "fully loaded facial" and came with a fruit acid wash, oxygen treatment, mask, O2 blast, massage and hair conditioning treatment. Loved it!

i finally figured out how to do the fishtail braid thanks to a simple diagram -
find it on my style board on pinterest

Bliss is one of my favorite spas—they're very modern and don't have too many extra frills but the nature of their service, their treatments offered and the environment is very suitable to my personality. Plus I always love jumping into their giant rain showers afterward that also have a eucalyptus steam option and leave you all rosy cheeked and feeling like you just inhaled a bowl of minty herbs. Then there's the Bliss-brand lotions and potions offered in the women's locker room, which I enthusiastically slather on. All I had to bring was my hair brush! (I also love the W Hotels and have stayed in the one in Dallas and the one in Chicago and would love to visit more around the nation eventually. They're so chic!)

Feeling relaxed and refreshed—and knowing the husband had everything under control at home—I stopped by Central Market on my way back and indulged in some Greek pasta salad for lunch then picked up a couple things and called it a day.

kailey and logan trying on momma's boots!
The husband just took Kailey and picked up a pizza for dinner from Pizza Hut so it's nearly time to chow down! I'm looking forward to catching up on the season premiere of Nashville and the latest episode of Revenge later tonight. Lounging on the couch with some good TV shows is one of our favorite ways to relax on the weekend or during a weeknight after the quads are in bed. We've become hooked on The Blacklist, Chicago PD and Almost Human as well as continue to enjoy our favorites like Elementary, CSI, Chicago Fire and Person of Interest. I think the only comedy/sitcom we watch anymore is Mike & Molly. I prefer action shows and movies, and the husband doesn't argue with that. ;)

What do you look forward to relaxing with?
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P.S. Coming up on the blog this week: the babies 18+ month update and stats, my crock pot paella recipe, our record-setting overnight getaway and a giveaway celebrating my blog's one million (and more!) page views!


  1. What a great weekend!! You TOTALLY deserved it!!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend. Belated Birthday wishes to Mike:)
    We watched the 2 youngest Grandsons( 5+3) Saturday, and Pizza Hut was their dinner choice.
    Enjoy your extra day with hubby/daddy home.
    Looking forward to reading all your posts this week, Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your sweetie...Texas Roadhouse is our fav., too.
    Love your braid...:)
    I just linked to follow you....
    xo bj

  4. OOO, and meant to say, I'm a Texan, too !! :)

  5. Ahh, now that sounds like a fab weekend! You have certainly earned that precious R & R time.

  6. Check out Brooklyn99 for a comedy show. Hilarious! Sounds like an awesome weekend. Dates and spa? Can't go wrong with that.

  7. You two are so cute! Glad you had a great time out for your hubs B-day and I'm super jealous of your spa day! :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  8. I'm not a Texan but I really love the your little girl wearing the boots! You got happy family pictures here. A link was given to me by a Texan friend saying I'll be getting lots of benefits with this Dallas Printing Online services. I'm interested in postcards collection and making. I'm planning to make a happy family picture theme. And with your blog, I think I now have idea how to do my own theme. Thanks a lot!


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