{DIY} Spring Wreath

I'd been searching boxwood decor on Pinterest lately and pinned a couple DIY boxwood wreaths onto my Crafts board the other day, but decided I needed to come up with an even more frugal wreath idea based mostly on what I had on hand. Which involved a few sprigs of faux boxwood, a couple faux white hydrangeas, a grapevine wreath with a "B" I'd attached to it previously with twine, burlap flowers and zip ties. I grabbed a simple garland of green ivy from Hobby Lobby for $5 and went to work!

I simply used the zip ties to strategically attach the ivy garland around my wreath, cutting the ties when I was finished so they were hidden amongst the greenery. I bunched the garland up in places to give it a fuller effect.

Next I tucked the ends of my boxwood into the wreath and zip tied a couple of the sprigs to keep them in place, then stuck in my hydrangeas and a few pearl-colored picks I'd found in my craft closet.

Ta-dah! Easy peasy with a fresh look for spring to welcome me at my door. :)

What's your favorite DIY wreath project?
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  1. I love it!!! I watched you make it and it sure didn't take you long! Love shopping the house and using what you have! That 'B' has been used a lot!! Very classy!

  2. So pretty, you make all DIY projects look so easy, I am all thumbs when it comes to crafting, but may have to try making a wreath.
    Saw your Mom's post and the video of the kids doing a somersaults is a hoot, they are so cute:)
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! The grapevine wreaths are so easy to do and cheap!

  3. This wreath is gorgeous! Absolutely inspired. Love the hydrangea so elegant. The last wreath I made was easter last year. I used burlap, spanish moss and light blue eggs, it turned out really cute.

    1. Yes, DIY a spring wreath girl! The Easter wreath sounds cute, too, I like the Spanish moss idea.


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