{Home Decor} Master Bedroom Update

Our second floor living hasn't been the biggest of priorities. Other than getting some minimal decorations up in the kid's rooms and making sure they are baby proofed and functional, I seriously haven't spent much time upstairs. Most of our day centers around the play room, kitchen and living room. Oh, and let's not forget the laundry room where you can often find me huddled in front of the dryer stuffing my 4,237th load of laundry in it!

Finally, at last, I felt a little rested, a little less overwhelmed, a little more energetic and a whole lot motivated to spend an entire nap time working on our room! The babies cooperated beautifully and slept or hung out in their cribs without ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT for three hours and I worked steadily the entire time. 

It was pretty important, because, y'all. Nap times are like my sacred time of day. When the babies go down, I get at least two hours (more if they're content) of time to myself to do whatever I need or want to do. My new rule is that most of it has to be spent off my feet since my bones are still aching a lot and the rest of the day is pretty active for me. And I generally have to remember to eat something before I dive into articles I'm writing for work—I just wrapped up a coffee table book on wineries in Oregon!—get a blog post put together or merely zone out and watch about 45 minutes of TV. Or there's crafting, laundry (which I fold while sitting on my bed), bill paying, phone calls for work or to schedule doctor appointments and so on. The list never ends and so neither do I, but I at least have to make time to slow down!

That being said, I snapped these photos of our master bedroom in the evening so the lighting is yellowish and grainy but it still looks waaaaaayyyyy better than it did before! There's only two boxes left up there to unpack and a boat load of papers and things to file, yet I can see carpet and a love seat and all my photo frames have been unearthed from their cardboard trappings!

Our striped duvet cover and matching monogramed striped pillow cases are from West Elm, the sheets were an awesome clearance purchase at Stein Mart, the customized pillow cases were a Christmas gift one year from my sister—ordered from Personal Creations—and the wall decal was sent courtesy of Personal Creations as a house warming gift for our new digs. The pillow cases and decal were acquired a couple years apart, so funny they ended up matching! The company has super cute stuff for home decor and gifts with monograms, names, last names and more. (I am tempted to snag one of their customized door mats for our entry way soon, like this chevron cutie.)

We still have more things to hang on the walls, like our treasured Texas flag, and I plan to purchase new pillows and a throw blanket for the love seat eventually. Everything I used for our room and bathroom came from things I already had around the house. And for now I threw all my books and framed photos on the shelves, but I'd like to style them better with more interest in the future.

The bathroom was a work of art in itself. There's a lot to still be done in there, like paint all the cabinets, doors and trim and address our giant jacuzzi tub and shower. The shower isn't the best design and is just a tiled box, while the jacuzzi tub leaks from every pipe and is completely unusable! It's really sad, because it'd make for some pretty awesome bubble baths! We hope to have a plumber come look at it soon and one day we will renovate both the shower and tub to better operating status. In the meantime, I cleaned and organized the whole space from top to bottom and it was a makeover in itself. I hadn't touched it since we moved in and we had stuff everywhere. I was so intent on getting the job done I didn't get a photo of what it looked like when I started. Take my word for it: bad!

During the peak of daytime sun, we have a decent amount of natural light thanks to the large window that overlooks the backyard and the ceiling skylight. These photos were taken at dusk, however.

I also have a tall shelf-like space to decorate eventually on one wall in the bathroom and look forward to scoring some large-scale pieces for that area.

And not all is finished, as you can see by my messy desk area and the ever-growing pile of laundry! I still have some things to hang on this wall and a massive amount of organizing to do for my work space but it'll come together.

There you have it! Not the prettiest, best-lighted photos but definitely an update on what our space is looking like these days. Stay tuned for my next Style File post!
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  1. I'm impressed with your energy level and all you've done with your house! If you have another place to take a bath (which you really might not have time for in the next 10-20 years!) consider taking the tub out and enclosing a huge walk-in shower. I used one at a vacation house that was big enough that it didn't need a door or curtain on it. I kind of wish we'd installed a big tiled shower like that and left out the jacuzzi, which I rarely use.

  2. Your bedroom looks to be a wonderfully warm retreat, after a long day with all you do, or a place for a quiet relaxing hour or so while the kiddos are down for naps.
    Jealous of all the counter/storage space and his/her sinks in the bath..
    Great work in that short time frame:) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have said it before and i say it again ~ you are AMAZING!


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