{Style File} Vest Obsessed!

I love me a good vest. Faux fur, puffer, sequin, leather—they're all good in my book. They have to have a modern style and they need to be comfortable, though. I tend to layer faux fur or puffer vests for winter wear since they're an easy way to stay warm and I don't like wearing jackets and coats.

vest: boutique in scotland (similar styles at old navy and H&M) / striped shirt: target
scarf: courtesy of love quotes / jeans: old navy / boots: langford market 

Here's some older photos of other vests that rotate through my wardrobe regularly in cold weather months...

The last two photos were taken while we lived in Scotland! I wore the blue vest during our road trip across the country and the black vest was worn often as well, but I'm pictured in it at Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh at Edinburgh Castle where the Scottish Crown Jewels are kept!

What article of clothing do you turn to for a dose of cozy bundleness during the winter?
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P.S. Blast into the past and read all about our arrival to Scotland back in 2009 right here!


  1. My cuddle duds, but then it is a little more chilly up here in Illinois. There is no way I would survive with just a vest on. I have been wearing my insulated carharts into work. This girl isn't happy unless she is wearing her cuddle duds and carharts. BOL Have a great day!

  2. I used to be really into vests awhile back. I should look them up again. I know I still have some. My go to are my sweatshirts, especially a pink one my sister gave me right after I had abdominal surgery. It is so soft and warm. Just the thing to change into after a long day at work.

  3. That's my Girl!!! You were born with style and a love for fashion! Betcha Kailey is going to be just like that too!! Trystan will be a more conservative dresser and who KNOWS what Logan will wear but I bet she has her very own style! I'm going to go back and reread your Scotland afventures this afternoon with a pot of tea! And BISCUITS! (cookies!)

  4. Cute Cute Cute:)
    I do not look good in vests ;(
    Depending on the day/my mood I am a sweater gal or sweatshirt(the softer/bigger the better).
    I agree with your dear Mom, Trystan will be the conservative dresser, while I think Logan will take after mommy and Kailey will have her own(wild ;) ) style.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cute Cute Cute:)
    I do not look good in vests, wish I did.
    My go to is sweaters, or big soft sweatshirts, it just depends on the day and my mood.
    I agree with you dear Mom, Trystan will be your conservative dresser, but I think Logan will take after you, and Kailey will have her own (insert wild) style;)
    Thanks for sharing:)

  6. I have never been brave enough to try a vest!!


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