{Style File} Boots Aren't Just for the Rodeo

A Texas girl always has a good pair of boots in her closet. Since mine are still pretty new, I've got some work to do to break them in and get those lovely worn leathered lines in all the creases. They were a baby-I-love-you-and-you-had-our-quadruplets gift to me from the husband about a year ago. He's one smart man.

top: target / sweater: target / jeans: old navy
boots: corral from cavender's / necklace: similar / hope bracelet: sam moon
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  1. LOVE them and LOVE you!! You're right! Mike is one smart fellow!!

  2. How cool!!
    When I visited Fort Worth and Dallas I was truly impressed about boots. I tried a hundred pairs at least but since the hand made are pretty expensive and because the bottom layer is slipery leather ( not great with icy roads) I did not buy any. I know how dtupid but well you have to be sensible at times. I had thought that they would feel uncomfortable and difficult on buy now I know better - they were and felt like gloves, so great and comfortable. So great!

  3. Plus it was awesome how they were ablo strech out from different parts of the boot in case that did not fit correctly. I think it was art! Too bad I can not remember the name of the boot place but they also made hats and other cowboy stuff. An extremely elegant place. Pretty close to the stochyards but they also had a smaller shop at downtown which was very close to the hotel Istayed at. Good memories popped up from your post Amber! Thank You!

  4. I grew up in Western Canada in an era when boots were a sign of the work that people did... of course then they made it to the dance floors and now they are everywhere there. Your boot are absolutely beautiful-- I love gifts that you can use but that are very special too!

  5. Cute Cute Cute!! Your hubby has fantastic taste:)
    Thanks for sharing:)

  6. I love that necklace!! Boot are big here in southern Arizona (for style and work) but I have yet to get some. It's hard to get boots that fit my tiny feet and skinny calves.


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