{DIY} Fabric Strip Banner + Kid Room Tour

For the longest time, I couldn't decide what decoration I wanted to add to one wall of the room that Trystan and Logan share. Finally it hit me—a fabric strip banner! A friend of mine made one and I saw in a photo she posted of her little girl's nursery and I was sold. And since I spent far too much time looking for examples and a simple tutorial, here's mine!

Start off with four to five different types of fabric. They can be patterned or solid but it's best to keep them in the same color family. The more prints, the bolder the banner effect. Grab some twine, ribbon or jute and a pair of scissors.

You can cut your strips individually, or you can just make a short cut and then tear them. This was much easier and gives the edges that raw sort of appeal. Make your trips about one to one and a half inches wide.

You can rip strips while watching movies in the evening after the kids go to bed, like I did! It took me a couple nights to get them all ripped—let's face it, free time isn't a frequent occurrence in my house! Then it took a couple nights to tie on all the strips. Lay out your twine or simply hold it in your lap, fold a strip in half and place the looped top behind the string.

Pull the loose ends at the bottom through the loop at the top, catching your string in the middle. Then pull the ends all the way through and tighten. Do this about 435720564895340 million times, depending on how long your banner is! 

Once all your strips are on and you've acquired your desired length, it's time to hang! I simply looped my twine around a very sturdy nail on each end a couple times then knotted it. I adjusted the nearby strips to sort of cover up the nail so you can't see it.

And here's the rest of Trystan and Logan's room! I love how my DIY monogram wall art turned out that I hung above their cribs. They are simply attached to the wall with 3M strips.

The water colors hanging on the wall in the photo above were Trystan and Logan's first-ever finger paintings. The quilts on each of their cribs were generously handmade by a talented friend of my mother-in-law. She made four total!

The owls on the walls were rub-on decals and the pink owl wall art on the far left, above, came from Ross, the middle plaque (which has the Itsy Bitsy Spider song on it) came from Hobby Lobby and the white frame is old and I just put some cute owl-themed fabric in it I got at Hobby Lobby as well.

Over time, there's more I want to do, add or change but for now the girl's room is fun, functional and, best of all, personal! 
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  1. Love the fabric you chose, the room is adorable, love the owls especially the wall clock.
    Thanks for sharing:) Merry Christmas

  2. so cute! thanks! i've been wondering how to make one.


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