{Quad Squad} My Birthday with the Babies!

Amazingly enough, my quadruplets are one week old now. And even more amazing was the fact that I just turned 27 years old and celebrated one of my best and most memorable birthdays by sleeping in my bed for the first night home from the hospital after 57 days and then getting to spend an entire afternoon with my four babies. Four! They are all so perfect and beautiful and I just can't get enough of them!

First, my mom helped me get ready then she took me to lunch at Olive Garden. It was my first time to eat a restaurant or even a real table, for that matter, since Easter weekend! Then we headed to the NICU, where a wonderful surprise was waiting. All the nurses told me happy birthday then directed my attention to the best card ever, made by Casey, my social worker at the hospital. She's really awesome and has been there for me all along my hospital stay—and continues to be as she guides my husband and I through the NICU experience and makes my day with such thoughtful gestures!

Talk about a forever keepsake. That card rocks! And to make things even better, I got to hold two of my girls together today. Trystan and Kailey each took up an arm and the hour I had them passed by so quickly. They would pry their eyes open and stare at me for awhile and I'd stare back at them, telling them all about how adorable they are and how great they're doing. Then they both konked out and slept while I just sat mesmerized by one, then I'd turn my head and admire the other. These kids are truly perfect in every way!

Holding Trystan and Kailey together for the first time.
Kailey all snuggled into her super cute hat that the husband's aunt hand-crocheted.
Logan Lee, chilling back under the lights with her shades on.

Our strong boy, Harrison, holding my hand.

It has already been a roller coaster ride and I've been more emotional since getting discharged from the hospital yesterday than I have this entire pregnancy. I truly thought I wouldn't miss any of it but I do miss having the babies in my stomach and I miss having all my wonderful nurses around to take care of me. There was a bit of fear and trepidation about going home after being on bed rest and hospitalized for so long. But I know I need to take the first step toward recovery and that's getting home, getting rested and getting some sense of a normal life back, however fleeting it may be.

Leaving the hospital and headed home!
After getting home from the NICU this evening, I was getting ready for my bed when my husband came walking in with a small German chocolate cake lit with 27 candles! He sang to me and let me make a wish as I blew out the candles. I am truly so appreciative of this man in my life, he has constantly amazed me as to how well he's stepped up to the plate for this blessing of a challenge in our lives. I have no doubt that we'll make it work and have a lot of frustrations and hilarious moments once we get these babies home!

We've already had good days and bad days in the NICU, and I'll get into all the quads current states and updates soon. I'm also working on a post about the birth story—it was an intense experience and a lot of action! Plus, I've got a gazillion photos to share and will try to start posting more regularly... or at least as well as one can when one has four brand new babies in the NICU, a big ol' c-section recovery and a fairly active schedule going to and from the hospital. It's only the beginning. :)


  1. Happy birthday, Amber! So glad you had a good day. What a guy that Mike is to give you that great cake.

    Still praying for the two of you and those wonderful little Bells. Thanks for the update. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic Birthday. The pictures are priceless.The babies are beautiful, and doing so well, as I told your Mom that little Harrison is going to be the Aggies star quarterback:)
    Looking forward to seeing and reading more.
    Continued prayers for all of you.

  3. Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday! :) I'm so glad that you got to spend it with your whole family!

    Just so you know, it's normal to not want to be discharged. I cried because they *made* me go home. I was enjoying my room down the hall from my babies. :)

    That first week is tough with the NICU ups and downs, you being discharged, trying to recover from a c-section, pregnancy hormones trying to level out, and exhaustion. It does get better.

    I'll continue praying for you and your babies!

  4. Happy birthday! Your babies are so beautiful! I know you can't wait until they come home with you. What an adorable family!

  5. You and Mike make the perfect team - Team BELL!!!

  6. Happy Birthday again....you look amazing and life is wonderful isn't it! Take care, rest while you can and take in every special moment....you have truly been so blessed! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

  7. A birthday you will never forget...congratulations on your four beautiful babies...keeping you all in my prayers...

  8. I just wanted to say Happy birthday. Also, congrats on the babies, they are beautiful, it's an inexplicable feeling of such deep love for your children the moment you see them. Enjoy them now, cause they grow SO fast....I currently have a two year old and there are days when I miss the infant period.

  9. AnonymousJune 09, 2012

    Hey Im a quad mom coming up on 29 weeks still admitted at the hospital. Their goal for me is 33-35 weeks, I personally dont feel as if that will happen especially with the way my body feels. Your post on your babies make me more and more anxious for my boys to be here! Happy belated birthday!

  10. Hey girl! Happy belated birthday!!! I'm glad to hear that you, Mike and the babies are doing well. Hang in there. The pain will go away and you WILL forget about it. :) stay strong. You can do it!

  11. belated Happy Birthday! Sending prayers for you and all of your beautiful babies! You did it! Almost 30 weeks! :)


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