{Quad Squad} Breathing again...

I am so glad my mom was able to share a post for me yesterday, things got really intense. When we got to the NICU about 11am we were worried Harrison may not even make it. At last his little body began to respond once they started feeding some nitric oxide through the ventilator. This helped open up the blood vessels around his lungs, which had basically clenched up. His lungs are so underdeveloped that they are comparable to those of a 24 weeker, the doc said, despite being born at 29w5d. He's also developed sir pockets inside his lungs, but today they appear to be smaller. And the pneumothorax on his right side (air pocket outside the lung) is slowly decreasing via the chest tube they placed several days ago.

While these are considered "normal" issues for a preemie, he's dealing with a more extreme case of delicate lungs in addition to several other complications. The docs are keeping an eye on the PDA in his heart, a valve that hasn't properly closed. We can hope he grows out of this. And last week, a head ultrasound revealed he had a grade two brain bleed (on a scale where 4 is the highest) on the left side of his brain. Today they check on it and I'm so nervous. High levels of oxygen, trauma and stress can cause these to worsen...all things he's experienced in the past week. My husband and I have been by his bedside since yesterday and are at least glad that he's more stable now. One thing at a time...

Meanwhile, two of the girls had their head ultrasounds and came back negative for brain bleeds. Thank God! The third little gal has hers checked out today. All three are nearing or have passed their birth weights, so now their feeds will be increased based on their weight as they worry about nothing but growing!

The NICU life is certainly a roller coaster. We were prepared for some issues, but definitely not so many and all on one baby. My heart aches for Harrison, I wish I could just scoop him up and take all this away. But he's so strong, even the nurses are amazed. When they had to paralyze for awhile yesterday he was still winking his eyes and scrunching his face. Gosh, I love that little boy...

*UPDATE: Harrison's ECHO showed the PDA in his heart is small and not a primary concern right now. And his brain bleed appears to be resolving, plus all three of the girls are in the CLEAR!!! THANK GOD!

To close, here's a photo of Kailey who wiggled out of her bed and was asleep on her head! It was a good laugh amidst all the stress.


  1. Ahhhhh......my heart is not sqeezed AS tightly as it has been since yesterday morning. Prayers that Harrison's condition gets better and better......

  2. Amber + Mike,

    I've only recently started to follow your journey + never commented before...but these last two posts brought me right back to my own NICU experience with my son. I won't get into his story, other than that we almost lost him at 2-3 days old, but now he's a healthy, thriving 2.5 year old :)

    Prayers from all around the world greatly helped us get through it, I just want you to know that even though I'm a stranger, my family is praying hard for yours. We hope for healing + recovery for your little boy + strength for you guys (and of course lots of continued growth + good health for your girls!).

    I cannot imagine having 4 babies in the NICU (or even 2!), the emotional roller coaster is crazy even when the babies are doing well. So God bless you guys + stay strong - know you're surrounded by love + prayers!

    Hoping for more good news + a happy day for your family,

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    Praying praying praying!! Please God give Amber courage and Harrison strength. You are all in my thoughts as I check for updates. Thank you God for keeping watch over the girls also!!

  4. Dearest Amber
    My prayers continue to go out for little Harrison.
    So glad the girls are doing good, whichever little one is in the picture has a great little head of hair like her mama;)
    Continued prayers and God's strength.

  5. Praying for you and your sweet babies. I can't even begin to imagine the roller coaster of feelings you guys are experiencing. Your strength is amazing!

  6. I'm so glad today has been better for Harrison, and I'm praying each day now brings improvement for him. So many people are praying and I KNOW God is listening and answering these prayers. Glad those fiesty girls are continuing to blossom - such wonderful news. Thanks for all the updates. Your babies have so many cyber Grandma's who love them thru the printed word. God bless you and Mike and give your peace during these stressful times. Hope you're feeling stronger each day too.

  7. I dont know you, but I am 12 weeks pregnant with quadruplets, and have been following your blog. I am praying for you and your wee ones!

    1. Congrats Paige! What a wonderful, unique and challenging journey you're on. Please email me if you ever have any questions, need advice or simply want to complain!! Quad pregnancies aren't easy, but we are the special chosen few!!

  8. So happy for negative scans! That's huge!!

  9. Been following you for a couple of months. So happy the girls are clear!!! Harrison must be like his mama, strong.

  10. Praise God for the girls head scans to be clear. Praise God that little Harrison is making some small improvments. Just amazes how little they are and such fighters. I will continue to keep your little ones, your husband and YOURSELF in my prayerss. Sherri

  11. These things may be normal in premies in the medical world but for mom and dad it's not so normal. Harrison is tough like his momma.
    Y'all hang in there. Everyone is saying prayers for all.


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