A Message From Amber.......

 I am Amber's mom and she asked me to post an update for her on the Quad Squad.

I am going to quote her updates from Facebook strating with the first one this morning:

 Just got a call from the doctor, Harrison isn't doing very well. Last night they put him through a lot...his umbilical IV was too close to his liver so they had to take that out and poke him several times to get a PICC line in. Then they had to reintubate him as the ventilator tube was too high. Around 2am he pulled it out. So now he is back on the oscillator and basically being sedated/paralyzed because he is fighting it. I am so worried about him, I am beside myself. Headed to the NICU now...

Basically he wasn't responding to their efforts, but they finally got him somewhat stable on the ventilator. There are lots of variables and several things going on.....bleeding in the lungs, air outside the lungs, brain bleed and heart murmur, possible infection. Everything is related to the lungs so it is a balancing act. Any one of the issues above could be treated individually but all at once is difficult.

Then later this afternoon we had this more encouraging report:

Harrison has finally shown a little improvement after having to hand pump oxygen then switching up ventilators. For some reason he just hadn't responded to anything. But now he has some bleeding in his lungs, which they are assuming is from his heart PDA, a valve that hasn't properly closed due to prematurity. He is no longer having to be paralyzed but is still being kept on morphine. The room is ...quiet and they are trying to keep things calm so he will stabilize. Still has chest tube for the pneumothorax in his right side and he's now accumulated pockets of air in his lungs. He still has a heart murmur and we are hoping none of this has caused his brain bleed to worsen. He's also getting a blood transfusion to make up for all that he's lost from getting it drawn for tests. Tomorrow we find out more about the PDA and they will follow up on the brain bleed with another ultrasound. Thank you SO much for the prayers, we are trusting Him to lead us all through this.

Then at 3:00 this afternoon......

They have him on a blood transfusion,nitric oxide, the ventilator, morphine, versed, fluids, TPN, and antibiotics. He is responding well right now and continues to be a fighter. It's a great improvement from this morning.

Needless to say this has been the hardest day ever.

The babies are now 10 days old and the girls continue to thrive. They have only feeding tubes and monitors......NO IVs!!! Totally amazing!! They are doing excellent on their feedings and taking up to 17 cc's per feeding.

The babies are all together in the same pod now which is excellent for the parents as well as the babies.

 Amber and Mike barely leave the pod. They have a room at the Ronald McDonald House which is right down the hall for tonight. It is a comfort to them to be able to stay close to all the babies but especially Harrison at this time.

'The Husband's'  (I love how she refers to Mike in that manner!) brother brought them fresh clothing and some food this evening so they do not have to make a running trip home and back. Thank goodness for family who live in town!

Harrison has an in house team of doctors and his own individual nurse keeping watch. They are doing an amazing job. Of course, Harrison is an amazing baby boy and is a fighter just like his parents!

Amber and Mike are staying strong for their babies and appreciative of the outpouring of support and prayers for their quad squad!

I will close with a picture of them as they took comfort in holding two of their girls.

Thank you for every single prayer for them! The World of Blog and Facebook has been THE best prayer chain EVER!

*Updated at 9:00 pm Sunday night......

We continue to be so thankful for all your prayers. Harrison is finally beginning to stabilize and all his vitals returning to more acceptable ranges. We are staying in a room at the Ronald McDonald house down the hall so hoping he continues to improve. Still walking a fine line with more tests and results tomorrow on other issues he's battling. He normally holds my hand but is getting upset at noise and any sort of stimulation right now, so we just stand at his bedside talking to him and praying.

Also Logan - who is the smallest! - is taking in the most at her feedings! She is now up to 22 cc's!!! As concerned as we all are about Harrison - it is such a blessing the girls are doing so well.


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    Prayers coming your way!

  2. Praying for that sweet baby boy! So thankful the girls are doing so well! Please tell Amber and Mike we are praying for the quad squad! Please come visit!

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    I have been following your family since your hospital stay!! I have been praying and will contiune praying for your sweet babies!!!!!

    Tammi jo
    Irving, tx.

  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    Lots of prayers coming your way! The quads are such fighters. Praying Harrison continues to improve, and for the doctors and nurses tending to him. Amber and Mike, you are such amazing parents. Thanks for the update.
    Blaire Reagan

  5. Lots and Lots of prayers to Harrison. Glad the girls are doing good and they allow you to stay close to your son right know. Sherri

  6. what an encouraging post :) keep fighting little man! your daddy will need some help keeping all those boys away from your sisters in 16 years!!! xo

  7. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    I ran across your blog while looking at someone else's. Just wanted to let you know that prayers are going up for you all from Alabama.


  8. So happy the girls are thriving and continuing to progress. Hopefully soon Harrison will begin to thrive and struggle less. His road is a little bumpy but in Gods Hands he'll get to to where he needs to be.
    God Bless

  9. Glad to see the girls are continuing to thrive. In God's Hands Harrison will get there too. His road is just a little bumpier. God Bless. Hugs to all


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