{Quad Squad} Triplets, Quads, Oh My!

At last I'm getting around to another blog update - you'd think I'd have nothing better to do in here, but somehow there's just always something going on. And I haven't been sleeping very well at night so the afternoon hours have been dedicated to trying to rest or nap. My stomach has gotten incredibly uncomfortable and I've been dealing with some pretty severe pelvic pressure, rib pain and other annoyances at times, making tossing and turning a nightly ordeal. Although I'm not sure how much tossing there is since I'm also getting too big to move without grunting and heaving followed by heavy breathing. Yeah, it totally sounds dirty but I promise you it does not look sexy!

Overall it's been one of my better weeks in the hospital so far, at least mentally. Even despite the discomforts of the pregnancy growing day by day, I've been in decent spirits this week and I'm happy to report I've nearly survived to another weekend—this one will be 27 weeks!! At this point, all I'm focused on is getting to my two goals: for the quads to all be over two pounds apiece and to make it to 28 weeks. That's not to say I won't stay pregnant and keep on going to 30 or even 32 weeks, but right now I just cannot think that far ahead. (That's over two months in the hospital if I do get that far!) I told my doctor I'm starting to feel like a ticking time bomb, I feel my body struggling to keep up and I know it's only a matter of time before it says it's had enough. That's how so many of these higher order multiple pregnancies go. It's terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. Fortunately I've got this great guy who tells me nearly every day now how excited he's getting and how petrified he is as well. I envision us having some hilarious, chaotic moments after getting these kiddos home!

He even surprised me by secretly having a talented friend of ours monogram the quads' security blankets. It was important to me that we got some for the babies to have in their isolettes while in the NICU after they are born. I was thrilled when he brought them up  this week - how did he ever even think of that!? He impresses me every day, I swear.

The statistics between 28 and 30 weeks are generally pretty good, so I feel like once I turn 28 weeks I can breath a sigh of relief and then just coast day by day. No more weekly countdowns, every 24 hours I pass after that point will simply be a huge bonus! There isn't really a clear "cut off" point either, I could stay pregnant until 34 weeks and if my body was still handling it the doctors would let me. If it's not and there's something going on with the babies, then they'll deliver. Next week I get another growth scan and will see just how big these quadlings are getting, so I'm anxious to find out if I've met that two pound goal yet. I feel that I have, because my stomach is stretched beyond imagination. I have two constant "lumps" on the front of my belly where Harrison and Kailey are chilling. There's literally no other place for them to go.

At my regular ultrasound on Tuesday, my cervix had gone from 3.2cm to 2.6cm, but it's still above a 2 (which we want) and isn't changing dramatically so looks like my body is still planning to hang on to the quads awhile longer. All the babies looked great. They were bouncing around and knocking into each other, yawning, waving their hands in front of their faces and opening and closing their mouths. My husband happened to be up here working from my room and my dad had just gotten in town so they both were able to come along and see for themselves! It was really nice to share that with them. We didn't get any 4D pictures this time, but the tech did snap profile shots of each baby at approximately 26.5 weeks... this marks the first profile shots for babies A and D (Trystan and Logan) in months!! They are normally very hard to see well enough for pictures.

Today I got out of my room and ate lunch somewhere aside from my bed! It was revolutionary. My dad manned the wheel chair and I steered my IV pole down to the cafeteria. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. My stupid IV stand was starting to run out of battery so while he ordered our food and waited for it to be ready, my dad had to wheel me out to the hallway outside the cafeteria and plug me in! It was the only place we could find an outlet. Of course, he had to run back inside for a few minutes to actually get the food and pay, so I got a lot of questionable looks and nurses and doctors stopping to ask if I was okay! They thought I'd been abandoned at the plug in the hallway, lol! But we managed and enjoyed our lunch at a real table inside the eating area with frozen yogurt for dessert. I had every single topping on mine! My IV battery had started to die again so we paused at the outlet in the hallway again then wheeled it to the main lobby area for some people watching while we finished dessert. Right as we were getting done, my magnesium IV began running out and started beeping so we made it back to the room just in time. It's not like I get to leave often, sheesh! In typical dad fashion, mine said, "That was fun!"

I wanted to include this photo of my dad and I, but hesitated because I truly look like death. But, as I near these final weeks of this pregnancy, I've come to terms that not all photos will be flattering and not all days do I have a "glow." Which is normally bronzer, anyway. So this is what I look like on a day when I'm extremely exhausted (yesterday), have bags under my eyes and dirty hair. 'Tis a beautiful sight.

After my dad left to head back home today, I got a welcome visit from a fellow mom of multiples who has 16 month old triplets! They definitely livened up my normally quiet hospital room, in a good way, and kept me entertained for awhile. They are so adorable and were born in this same hospital, so I had actually connected with Momma Cherry prior to getting admitted for tips and info on what my stay would be like. (Though we discussed her good fortune to only being here a week before delivery!) The kids were really well behaved and cracked me up. When they first arrived in their little choo-choo-wagon, the boy was in the middle and was falling asleep sitting up. I could only think of my boy, Harrison, who will be subjected to three sisters and will certainly feel the same way!!

You can read all about the Cherry triplets and life with three cute little kiddos here. We barely remembered to snap a photo before they left. Again, I'm not looking at my best and I'm sort of squatted down like the hulk next to the little munchkins. (Yes, I can still momentarily squat at 26.5 weeks with quads.) But it was either that or have my big ol' stomach hovering over their heads!

It's been an active afternoon considering my normal schedule, so I must bid you good day and retire to bed to recooperate. I will literally be wiped out tomorrow more than likely, just seems to be the way things go. But I'm looking forward to a special meal this weekend to commemorate 27 weeks, time with the husband and a visit from his parents. Thanks to everyone for the continued prayers, I am eight days away from my target goal!!


  1. You are a beautiful sight ALWAYS!!!! What a great post! I am off to check out that gal's blog! See you soon.......

  2. I cannot imagine what it's like to be cooped up in a hospital room for that long! but it's amazing how great your spirits are. I can't wait to see your little munchkins!

  3. You look amazing for being so pregnant and on bedrest! And I hate to break it to you, but the no make-up days won't end here. :)

    But I can tell that you are making the most of your days which is exactly what you should be doing. Take it easy, don't apologize for resting, and kick visitors out if necessary.

    Still praying for you!! :)

  4. Aunt NitaMay 10, 2012

    Amber, You are a beautiful sight to behold...you're focused on the most important accomplishment of your life. Few women fall into this category . Once again I will remind you... God chose you and Mike for this. It is certain he is watching over all (6) of you. Know that you have love, prayers and well wishes from so many people. So happy you felt like writing your blog. You're a very gifted individual !

  5. Thats amazing that you're almost to your goal! I cant even imagine carrying double what I did. I thought carrying twins was the most difficult thing ever! You're amazing. Keep up the good work & keep posting! I love reading blogs of other M.O.M.'s! =)

  6. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    What a wealth of information & such a busy day! You had to go through a lot to have lunch out. Love the blankets & snapshots of the squad, so precious. The triplets are adorable. I can hardly wait to meet your group:) keeping you in prayer.
    Aunt Deanie

  7. God bless you Amber!
    So glad you are continuing on - what a story you have!

  8. The security blankets are just adorable, and how sweet to have them monogramed, you do have a great Dh. No matter what you say your hair looks great, as do you. Way to go being able to still squat while carrying quads. The pic of you and your DDad is adorable.
    Continued prayers, and to use a saying from my little Grandson's favorite movie(Toy Story)
    To 28 weeks and beyond!

  9. AnonymousMay 11, 2012


    I live in Europe, Belgium and I am reading you blog almost every day now,...

    Mu mother tongue is dutch so I hope I don't make to much mistakes.

    I wish you, your husband and your quad squad all the luck in the world!


  10. what a wonderful day! thanks for letting us scream & throw everything on the floor (not to mention rip things off the table ... sigh!) :) the babies must have been exhausted b/c they're sleeping in later than they have in a while! maybe next time i'll leave them with the nurses outside & just come in solo :)

    i also loved the blankets - not sure if i mentioned it yesterday, but what a special treat from the hubby! isn't it funny the things daddy thinks of :) you'll both do wonderfully & will be such great parents! laughter will help make everything better & i'm sure you'll be rolling on the floor & have many "no one will believe what just happened" moments!

  11. You look great! Good to read the update and I'll be thinking of you through the weekend.....keep cookin those babies you are doing great! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

  12. Keep up the good work Amber . Im praying that you go much further than 28 weeks . Have a great weekend , and a great 27 week celebration with your hubby.

  13. Thanks for the updates and sharing your story. Prayers from NC for a healthy momma and babies.

  14. Girl I wish I could look so good and I'm not even pregnant. It's not the squat that's the issue it's the getting up for me. Too much lead. LOL


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