{Quad Squad} 27 Weeks & Happy Mother's Day!

My post today shall be short and sweet. Yesterday I hit the 27 week mark in my quadruplet pregnancy and I'm completely elated. Just one more (hopefully short) week to reach my 28 week goal. I can't believe I've come this far and I am determined to get to my goal and then cruise a little farther. My husband brought up ribs from Chili's for my special meal yesterday to celebrate the new time frame, next weekend will be steaks! His parents are also in visiting for the weekend and brought flowers, adorable baby clothes and a set of four small rosaries they picked up for the quads while at the Vatican in Italy recently. I love them, they will be so special in the babies' room and a long lasting memento of our vigilant, prayerful journey.

I did start having some pains yesterday for the first time, I couldn't quite tell if contractions were completely to blame though. Two of the babies are sticking out really far in my stomach and often contort it into a square or you'll see a big lump literally sticking straight out under my skin. I feel perhaps this is a combination of even less available space in the womb right now as well as a few contractions that's pulling my uterus and my stomach tight around them. Either way, it was becoming more and more uncomfortable and starting to hurt a bit so the doctor on call this weekend upped my magnesium to two grams an hour again. Afterward, I started feeling nauseous (to be expected) and took some Phenergran and passed out for a solid two hour nap. I was very grateful the husband spent the night last night and we watched a movie when I woke up and relaxed together then went back to sleep.

Today I'm completely exhausted and feeling very weak and shaky. It's most likely the increased magnesium in my system, despite the fact that I slept better last night. Nausea is coming and going and I'm just wiped out. The babies are feeling very heavy and still forceful under my stomach at times, but other times I can feel my stomach relax some so I hope the mag is working. Everything hurts!

Before I close, I want to wish all of you mother's a wonderful Mother's Day! I'm so happy to have gotten to know so many of you fellow quad moms, not to mention all my friends and fellow moms who have tirelessly supported and encouraged me throughout this pregnancy. I don't even have my kids yet but I already understand how they truly change your life and I wouldn't wish things a bit different then the way they are now. My own mom has been a huge source of inspiration and encouragement and has never failed to be there for any single event in my life, especially this one! I am so glad to have her alongside me during this experience and I know she's going to be the best quad-grandma out there. :)


  1. Happy happy mothers day Amber!! You're doing amazing!

  2. I wouldn't miss this ride for the world!! See you soon!!!

    PS.....thinking of a Mother's Day card for next year for you. 40 little finers and 40 little toes would make great hand and foot prints...I'm gonna need a bigger card!

  3. You look soooo good! Almost there!

  4. Dearest Amber
    You are one amazing young lady and soon to be one wonderful Mommy:)
    Happy Mothers Day to you.
    While you may not be feeling the greatest right now once those little ones are here all this will be a distant memory.
    Congratulations on reaching 27 and continued prayers for reaching the 28 week mark and hopefully all the way to 30!!

  5. Happy Mother's Day, Amber. You are a super mom and the babies aren't even born yet. What a special mom you are. Hurray for 27 and on to 28. Much prayers heading your way from the Tuesday Morning Bible Study in Philadelphia.

  6. Amber, I've been a silent follower, but I've been following your blog for quite some time. I'm amazed at your courage through your pregnancy. You are such a selfless mother for all you are doing to protect those four sweet quadlings. Happy mother's day to you. Mary D

  7. Happy Mother's Day Amber!!!
    Your babies aren't even born yet and you have already taken such wonderful care of them. Your an excellent momma. I'm sure you learned from the best though :)

    Keep up the good work girlie!! One more week and your goal is met. Love and prayers always coming your way

  8. AnonymousMay 13, 2012

    Amber, Congrats on 27 weeks!!! DRINK MORE WATER ;) hopefully that will make you feel better, just remember 5 more days :)


  9. Kathy in AlabamaMay 14, 2012

    Prayers for another week!!! AWESOME!!! You are a great momma!! We do what we have to do to take care of our babies!!! We'll keep praying for strength for you!!!

  10. Keep up the good work Amber . The longer they cook the better they will be .Have a great week .

  11. Amber - you are doing awesome and look beautiful (which is not easy to do at this stage)! I totally relate to your belly squaring off - Chloe and Luke did that to me as well. Emma and Olivia found more room deep in my pelvis. :)

    I know you know you are in a very uncomfortable stage of your pregnancy. Stay absolutely convinced that you can make it another day. It will feel like your body cannot take anymore - but then you will make it another day, and another, and another... It will feel like your babies could fall out with just a sneeze, when you pee, when you stand up, etc. But they will stay put.

    Rest in knowing that God knows exactly how the next weeks will go and has designed it to go that way in His perfect plan. Keep trusting in Him and praying for His peace, comfort, and protection for you and the babies. That is my prayer for you and your sweet (and growing!) family!

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! I love following your journey!

  12. Looking good and I'm betting as soon as they took this picture you fell back into bed exhausted. You're amazing.


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