Hi! I'm Amber's Mom!

You will probably be hearing from me instead of Amber for the next few posts. She is a bit busy these days 'growing' her babies. 

This picture was taken last Saturday of Amber and one of her favorite nurses, Amby, as we celebrated the 28th week of this Quad Squad Pregnancy!

Now here we are just hours away from week 29!
Quite a bit has been happening as this amazing pregnancy winds down to the final weeks and days.

As the babies have grown it has become harder and harder for the heart monitor to detect four separate heartbeats. Amber now gets a sonogram every day and it has been fascinating to watch these little babies as they grow day by day.

Meet Trystan, our little Gatekeeper. She is the second largest baby so that means she is one tough little girl keeping her brother and sisters secure in the corral! Her head is pointing down now. Kailey is right behind her! Her head is pointing down also. I think Trystan has known the way out all along and was staying traverse so the others couldn't sneak past her.

All the pictures of her show her hands up as she shoulders the weight of all the others.
Now that she and Kailey are lined up Harrison decided to turn his head down leaving Logan hanging out at the top. She may not realize they are starting to line up yet!
Not that it will do them any good! When the time comes to deliver them, Amber and Mike have asked the doctor to try and find the boy first! He had never had that request before and said he would see if he could 'fish him out' ahead of the others!

I love seeing the sonograms! Even my untrained eye can tell a foot when I see one!

Or an arm and hand......this one belongs to Harrison.

The days have gone by so slowly. IV's, pain medicine and rounds of Indocin have become the routine of Amber's life. I admit - it is hard as a mother to see my child suffer as much and as long as she has! She is such a trouper! But now she is absolutely and completely worn out! It is a good thing the babies will be delivered by Caesarean section! Amber will not have the strength to PUSH!

To update you as to her current condition -
she is having hard long lasting contractions on a regular basis.
They have given her Indocin to try and slow them down as this has worked in previous weeks. So far, though, she is still contracting. The pain medicine is helping her and taking the edge off. She can no longer stand up other than going back and forth to the bathroom. Her 'normal' position is to lie on her side and stays horizontal as much as possible. Today her IV was leaking and the nurse had to put in a new one. Bless her heart - Amber has been poked and stuck and there is not one spot on her that doesn't hurt! The doctor seems to think she can hang on until early next week. However, it is good to know that HE is the doctor on call this weekend. Amber would prefer to deliver in a timely manner by having a day and time reserved for the OR. No middle of the night or a weekend or holiday for her if she can possibly help it!

Another of her nurses spent a good hour earlier this week preparing her for all she can expect once she DOES make that journey down the hall to the OR.
Then one of the NICU staff came down to discuss the plans and what to expect as far as the babies are concerned. The bracelets for the quads are already made and waiting.

As far as the conditions of the babies go - they are looking wonderful.
They regularly score and 8 out of 8 on the Biophysical Profile.
Each baby is most probably going to be around 3 pounds.......with Harrison being the heaviest followed by Trystan. Logan is the smallest. She's the one floating around on the top. They are starting to blink and the sonogram this morning showed Logan with her eyes wide open! She has a little pouf of hair!
They are all puffing away with their little diaphrams - practicing their breathing.
Their hearts remain strong and steady!

I don't have to tell you what an amazing Mother my daughter is!
She has taken good care of these babies.
It has been THE hardest thing she has ever done in her life! Never again will her body be asked to go to the lengths it has gone in order to carry and grow four babies.....at the same time!! These precious babies are every bit as awesome as their mother and father!

I close this post with gratitude for the prayers, concern and encouragement for my daughter and her family. I promise to post again soon!


  1. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers as you stay on this amazing journey to bring four healthy babies into the world. Hang in there Amber!

  2. Thanks Amber's mom for the update! I hope she can hang on for a few more days. Even to 30 weeks? Will be pray for extra hard this week as delivery gets closer.

  3. Hi Ambers Mother! Nice to meet you and thank you for posting an update. I pop on nearly every day to "see" how she and he babies are doing. Continued prayers for you all.

  4. I know this has gotten to the point that the excitement is mounting along with some natural apprehension. 3 lb quads is AMAZING! God knows when they will be born and it will be the perfect time. (((HUGS & continued PRAYERS)))

  5. I continue to hold your daughter and them babies in my thoughts and prayers. She is doing an amazing job. Sherri

  6. great update Linda....I'm sure Amber is happy having you there...

  7. Amber you are doing amazing. Week 29 is only a couple hours away! I am so sorry you are exhausted. Each week you give me such strength in knowing that these quad pregnancies can be done! I 100% agree that this will be one the hardest thing we ever ask our bodies to do. Praying you will continue to keep your miracles growing but I can't wait to see their first blog debut.


  8. Thanks soo much for keeping us up to date,continued prayers for Amber as she endures these final days.
    As a earlier poster wrote I also cannot wait for the Quads blog debut:)

  9. AnonymousMay 26, 2012

    Please give Amber all of my best wishes (as much as you can from an anon. poster!).

    She is doing so well, and in a few weeks, this time will be a distant memory. I hope she can enjoy these last days with her babies safe and secure inside her... soon it will be an awesome chaos!

    i am awaiting the good news of a healthy delivery of all these little bubs! don't forget pictures!

  10. 3lbs is amazing for the Quads! my triplets were just over 3lbs and they did great! praying all four babies will do wonderful!

  11. Way to go! Almost 29 weeks that is awesome! :)

  12. AnonymousMay 27, 2012

    29 weeks is so GREAT!! Keep on keeping on! Only a little while longer to endure and then your sweet little lovies will be here! I will be checking back frequently!

  13. So proud for Amber, the quads and family.....I can't imagine what she has gone through, but I know the love you all have for these babies is awesome.....they are going to be a lucky little quad squad! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers......a friend in East Texas,Pam.

  14. Amber has done a great job enduring the hospital stay, the meds, pain, vision issues, the pokes and prods. Thanks for this great update Linda!


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