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Hi ya folks. I've been absent for awhile because it's been a rough week, to be honest. I've been feeling so bad it's been hard to keep up. Every day is a new challenge and I'm just trying to take it all in stride. In the meantime, my super sweet mom has arrived and I could not be happier (or more relieved) to have her here. She's given my amazing husband a break—he's been taking care of so much around here—and I swear I'm starting to feel better just with her being around.

My adorable momma, ready to come see me!

You can read about what we've been up to (and all the wonderful things my mom has already done!) on her blog here. On her way in town, she stopped to pick up these teeny tiny A&M booties and four A&M pacifiers for my Aggie husband. It was the perfect surprise. :)

In the meantime, I'm focusing on getting nutrition where I can, which has involved a lot of smoothies. Here's another post from my mom's blog on that, I sure am glad she's around to grab those for me on the days that food is not my friend.

I promise to have a little more info on the quads as we have an ultrasound appointment tomorrow morning, and I'll get my 13 and 14 week photos posted over the weekend. In the meantime, the couch and a smoothie are calling my name...


  1. Hang in there, lady! Those little nuggets will be here soon. Glad your mom and Mike are taking good care of you.

  2. Keep taking it easy! I follow your journey on your blog & your momma's too. Can't wait to hear the update :)

  3. Glad momma is there to take care of you. Those little Aggie booties are adorable and the pacifiers.
    Sorry it's been so rough on ya. Follow those doctors orders and take care of yourself. Those little Bells will reek havoc but they'll bring you joy. It goes hand in hand. You're doing great and cute as a bugs ear. hmm I'm not sure I've ever seen a bugs ear but you're cute anyway. LOL

  4. awww i'm a sucker for little aggie things! our nursery is aggie themed since it was the only gender neutral theme the hubby & i could agree on :) i'd love to pass on a bunch of great boy/girl preemie outfits that my crew wore a few times in the NICU as well as some bottle props. if you're ever in cypress (or need to make a pit stop at the outlets), i'd love to meet up with my trio! :) my email is nataliekcherry@yahoo.com


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