{Etsy} New jewelry items!

If you love a little bling, a pinch of turquoise and a dash of fun, then you'll want to check out my newly updated Etsy shop, Texas Take, for some brand new jewelry additions!

All my items are self-designed—meaning no one else is ever gonna show up to the party wearing the same necklace—and handmade. That means I string, cut, maneuver, ply, force, shape and crimp each item individually with my own hands, y'all. And it'd sure make a quad mamma's heart happy if you'd go check out my shop and maybe even purchase a piece or two. (Did I just play the quadruplet card? Oh, oops...sorta.)

And just because I think you're all so great, I'm gonna throw in free shipping on any orders you make between now and March 15. Just enter code TXTKSH at checkout to apply. Happy shopping!


  1. I love the pearl and turquoise necklace but don't see it in your shop. Did it sell? Thanks!

    1. It did! Sold this morning actually.


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