{Quad Squad} 13 & 14 weeks

All the sudden time is starting to pass by much more quickly. The first trimester of my quadruplet pregnancy seemed to drag on, especially because I was so sick around the clock. Every day felt three times longer than it was. But since our most recent doctor appointment last week, the day I turned 14 weeks, it feels like the pace is picking up. We had all our showers/quad parties planned for March, and found out before we left the doctor's office than that wasn't going to work. He anticipates I could go on bed rest anytime between the next two to six weeks! While there's a possibility I could last longer, it's still something we need to be prepared for. And I need to be taking it extremely easy from here on out to avoid any early labor symptoms and to help my body along as much as possible. (Trust me, it's harder to take it "easy" and do nothing than it sounds. At least if you're me, it is!)

Anyway, doc said definitely no showers in March and definitely no traveling. His exact words, were in fact: "Well, you have two options. Have your showers in February or have them in the hospital!" So the husband and I both called our moms as soon as we left his office and told them the updated news. They swooped into action and just hours later had managed to reschedule the quad parties for the end of February. Amazing! We are so incredibly grateful to our friends and family who are all participating in these events and who are being so phenomenal in pulling things together on the fly. This entire pregnancy (and probably much of my future life) seems to revolve around being flexible and rolling with the punches. There's nothing that's for sure, nothing is a given and everything could change at a moment's notice. While you try to prepare yourself for that as much as possible, sometimes you just have to take it all one day at a time and not worry about the next 24 hours until you're there. It's certainly an attitude that's getting the husband and I through this experience with our sanity intact.

I'll have to do a post soon on the house and the nursery progress. We (and by "we," I mean my hard-working husband supervised by yours truly) just finished replacing the floors in our main living area—going from creamy beige, overused, dog-hair infested carpet to clean, slick faux wood flooring that mimics hand scraped oak and looks divine. It will be easier to keep clean and great for four little babies to crawl around and play on!

My mom is still here with us and she's been a lifesaver in countless ways, from cooking meals to running errands to helping clean up the place. After the floor replacement, it feels like every single object is covered in a layer of sawdust. There's even a layer of it on the front door. So this week's goal is to get the house clean and the furniture back where it belongs, then we'll tackle the guest room/nursery transition. Thank God for moms, they make everything better.

And I am finally feeling better and am eating! It's a Christmas miracle. I haven't enjoyed food in so long it's actually weird to savor something, swallow it without gagging and keep it down without fighting an intense wave of nausea. I'm still on Zofran, though, to keep that last part at bay and I still get the occasional headache. But overall, things are much improved and my cold is also on its way out. However, just as soon as I start to feel this glorious sense of, well, we'll call it "quad pregnancy normality" I've also started to become extremely exhausted all the time. It's been a crazy party house environment over here with 8pm bedtimes, daytime working hours spent on my laptop in the recliner, mid-day naps and frequent sitting breaks. I feel like a 98-year-old woman. Assuming that is what being nearly a century old feels like. With a giant bowling ball attached to the front of your stomach. And some minor back pain. And the feeling that your innards are stretched to max capacity. It constantly feels like I ate too much and my stomach is going to pop.

But enough about my gastro-intestinal situational awareness. As far as the quads go, every one is looking very healthy! They are growing right along schedule, measuring just a few days under however many weeks I am that week. At the last appointment, our doctor said they looked "really good" three times—so I'm taking that as a good, good, good thing! We don't have any new ultrasound photos or video just yet. We're now only seeing the one doctor, instead of overlapping the two, and his ultrasounds are pretty quick and basic. However, in about two weeks we go in for the babies' first anatomy scan and we'll find out the genders then!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Never thought I'd be all amped up about baby-related stuff the way I get these days about new cribs, onesies or ultrasounds. Jeez, my life is changing. But I'm very nervous and excited to find out what we're having and am keeping my fingers crossed there's not more than two girls in there. I don't think I could handle that! I'm not a frilly, pink-loving, bow-tying girly girl... as if that's even news to many of you, lol. So I feel I'd be better with baby boys. All shall soon be revealed.

In the meantime, you sweet quad-blog-following people who put up with my ridiculous complaints and incessant self-rants, I'll leave you with this priceless picture of one of my best friends and I after lunch recently. She's 26 weeks with a singleton pregnancy and I was 14 weeks and a day with the quads. It's crazy how we're nearly the same size and share five babies between us.

Sometimes life is completely unpredictable.


  1. You look great! I had such a hard pregnancy (bed rest.. iv's... a week stay at the hospital... and picc line with fluids the whole time... not able to eat or drink anything but ice chips... oh and lets not forget two blood tranfusions) I wish I had been pregnant with multiples. My bf wants 3-4 kids, and well lets just say with the way my pregnancy went I am kinda hesitant to do it again.

    Just enjoy every min of it.. and trust me I know how hard it is to be on bed rest. I felt like the neediest person while I was pregnant.

  2. You're doing great and look great! Hooray for 14 weeks. We had my shower at 19 weeks and I was already on modified bed rest, but I just sat in the chair and enjoyed....HA!
    Take it easy....keep taking all the pics....I wish I took more! :) Congrats again! Kami

  3. You look good! hailey Grace picked out a present today, one of her very favorite things to wear and no pink. The no pink was a little hard for her! I told her she had to get four and she keeps asking if there are really four babies in your belly. I think the picture of you helped her realize it.

  4. WOOHOO for being able to keep some food down!! And smart move on rescheduling the quad parties... my shower is probably going to end up in the hospital because I didn't want to do it until after viability... and I am regretting that now! Maybe we can get together for lunch again before we are both on strict bed rest!

  5. looks like all is going well...I know your Mom is such a great help...physically and emotionally...

  6. You are just glowing! You look absolutely amazing. Glad to hear that you are feeling some better. Rest whenever possible, you & the babies need it!!!!

  7. Of course, you could have 4 girls, and have them all be tomboys!


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