{Quad Squad} 16 weeks + Maternity Photos!

Well, folks, we've arrived at Week 16. Actually it's nearly 17 weeks now, so I'm a little behind posting but I've been keeping up my weekly prego pics to give you all a front row seat to the ever-growing behemoth that has become my stomach. Certain clothes seem to minimize the bump bulge, while others definitely enhance it!

We haven't had an ultrasound for nearly two weeks but are due up for one in a couple days and I'm, as always, anxious to see how our quadruplets are doing. New developments at this stage of the game include a bit less nausea (though not enough to abandon my meds), lots and lots of trouble sleeping and a growing tightness in my stomach. My belly button is threatening to pop out soon and my husband keeps asking if it hurts! I assure him my belly button is not the body part that hurts. I also can no longer see my feet when standing up straight. Though I'm still getting regular pedicures for everyone else who is privileged enough to have them in their sights. All vanity is not (yet) lost.

It might be time for a bare belly shot before long—especially while I'm still without stretch marks, which I know will set in sometime toward the last few weeks. It's amazing how much your body can handle. The quads underwent a growth spurt during the past week. How do I know this? Because my stomach began expanding at an alarming rate, my appetite increased and the tightness was at an all-time high as my body struggled to adjust. There's also been the introduction of other bodily woes, like head-to-toe aches and pains and constant exhaustion. Sometimes. I'm. Just. So. Tired. But then I remember I have four little people in there and my efforts to stave off a nap or an extra long "recline" in the recliner seem futile. 

Seeing myself in photos has taken quite the adjusting to. It's hard, sometimes, to believe I'm truly pregnant at all—much less with quadruplets. Certain days it feels like it's a weird dream or something. Other days, it's most definitely not a dream and I just want to punch the world in its face for how miserable I am and the constant advice strangers seem to want to give me. Unless you had quadruplets, lady-I'll-never-meet-again, back off! Like my husband said a few weeks ago, "God help the person who pisses you off on a bad day." Amen.

The emotional, tear-inducing breakdowns have now reached three in total. One occurring the day we found out about the quads and, naturally, I bawled wondering what the hell we were gonna do. The other two occurring from mere exhaustion and minor depression from being sick for so long. I am a huge advocate of embracing the way you feel, even when it's negative, and at least acknowledging those feelings, processing them and then picking yourself up and moving on. Thank God I've got a fantastic, helluva husband by my side who recognizes this and has been a great source of strength and support on those occasions that it all feels like just too much.

While we're on the subject of emotion, being scared seems to be an ongoing part of my journey as well. For any other moms of multiples out there, whether you've had them already or are currently pregnant with your multi-babies, I feel I should openly admit the sheer terror that fleetingly enters my thoughts on occasion. My personality doesn't dwell on it for the most part, but sometimes I feel the need to contemplate what's ahead and sort of steel myself for the upcoming events that I know will be ever so difficult. Fear for myself, my health, the babies, the awful possibilities... it's all very real and something I live with on a daily basis. Sometimes I wonder how I'll be able to physically handle what's to come, and other times I am simply amazed at how God enables my body to work all this out. And then once I realize the big picture will occur the way He has planned, I regain that calm and peace God has blessed me with through all this and return to my day-by-day journey, tackling 24 hours at a time.

A particular recent 24 hours involved a photo shoot of the husband and I to commemorate this special time in our lives—and the only time I ever plan to be pregnant! Plus, my doc is adamant about staying off my feet as much as possible so I wanted to get some photos done before it was too late. And I got too big. Because, really, who wants to look at photos of a whale in a dress?

But the important part is that I love these photos and have them printed and framed in an annoying quantity all over our house. They truly make me smile. :)

As always, thanks for reading along. 
Coming up next: quad party pics!


  1. You are amazing, Amber! I admire your courage and faith. You inspire ME and so many others to walk with the light we are given.....one step at a time.....knowing God has already ordered each one. We ALL would do well to embrace this attitude.

  2. Dear Amber,

    I have loved ready your blog for a few years now. I am amazed and in aww of the young lady you have become. I don't think you remember me as you were a little girl last time I saw you. Those great big blue eyes lit up any room and still do. I remember seeing those eyelashes dripping with water...after teaching your class of swimming lessons at Lively pool. Also remember seeing you and your brother Ben running around the church and being ever so shy. I am enjoying watching this journey you and your family have embarked on. I am praying God's hedge of protection around you, those beautiful babies and your family! Hope to maybe visit one day, I live in Montgomery...just west of Conroe and North of you! Take care and rest all you can!

  3. so happy to see those little ones growing like they should...you look beautiful..

  4. OMG! Your maternity photos are gorgeous, you look stunning.

  5. Amber, I was wondering if you knew where you got your dress and top that you were wearing in your maternity photos? I am due for pictures soon and I love they way they photographed! The pictures were wonderful. Love the balloons!

    1. Hi there! That coral top came from Victoria's Secret about two years ago... it was too big at the time and actually worked out better as a maternity shirt. ;) But I don't see it on their website anymore! The green dress is from Target's maternity section and is SO comfy. Just got it recently so they should still have it!

  6. My hat and heart goes to each of you moms 2 be or already moms of multiples. I know we deal with things as they are handed to us and move on but whoa! As with any pregnancy single or with multiples there will always be unsolicited advice just waiting for ya and the stories. I remember all but my best one was when I was .... JK won't do that to ya. Most but not all new moms have fears and anticipation but yours is 4 fold. I remember at about 8 months pregnant crying because I realized CRAP I'm about to have a baby. David looked at me like he usually does and goes "Nows a good time to realized that" LOL. You're doing great and so darn cute while you're doing it. Hugs


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