{Travel} Christmas in Italy - Verona!

Continuing on our Christmas journey to Italia, we departed Milan and headed in the direction of Venice, stopping just short of there. Arriving in the charming town of Verona, Italy was a sweet surprise in itself. The husband and I both loved this place—it felt authentic and very, very Italian. Our hotel certainly made a difference, as well, since it was very nice, perfectly located and had one of the largest rooms we've ever had in a European hotel in all our travels to date! There was even a bellhop to lug our suitcases up to the room, which we fleetingly admired before heading out to explore the town.

Left to right, from top: Our hotel off a bustling street in Verona; sweet treats after dinner!; beautiful Italian buildings in the square; myself and the husband in our hotel lobby before heading out to dinner; daytime street shot in Verona.

Verona is, perhaps, most famous as the setting for Shakespeare's well-known romantic saga, Romeo & Juliet. In fact, there's a home supposedly known as "Juliet's Home" where the legendary balcony is located (you know, the one from which she cried, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?"). There's also a statue of her and loads of love letters left behind by romantic-seeking individuals in search of their soul mate. The walls at the entrance to the home appear to be covered in gum and graffiti, but at closer glance it's merely thousands of signatures of folks who also wish to find their own slice of love.

Clockwise, from top: The sign marking the entrance to Juliet's home, already covered in signatures and markings; the husband and I with Juliet's statue; and him standing in front of the wall of "graffiti; a love letter left behind on the Christmas tree in the middle of the courtyard; a view of the balcony, attached to Juliet's home.

Left to right, from top: a piazza in Verona with a gorgeous fountain and Christmas lights; a bottle of wine we enjoyed at dinner one night, made locally; us next to the Adige River, which runs along nearly half of the city.

There are a few other amazing monuments that Verona is famous for, and I've taken a few notes from Wikipedia's entry on the city: Verona is famous for its Roman amphitheatre, the Arena found in the city's largest piazza, the Piazza Bra. Completed around 30 AD, it is the third largest in Italy after Rome's Colosseum and the arena at Capua. It measures 139 metres long and 110 metres wide, and could seat some 25,000 spectators in its 44 tiers of marble seats. Also: Sant'Anastasia is a huge and lofty church built from 1290–1481 by the Dominicans to hold the massive congregations attracted by their rousing fundamentalist sermons.

Left to right, from top: Myself in front of the Arena; a marble cathedral we stumbled upon while walking back to our hotel; nighttime shot of the streets of Verona; a candle we lit at the absolutely gorgeous Sant'Anastasia cathedral (right).

Next up: our last stop on our Italian tour, Bergamo!


  1. Ok we are planning to go to Paris in April 2013...I'm thinking maybe Italy instead?!

    Love the pics! How do you arrange them? Surely not in blogger?

  2. Everything looks just beautiful!!!Including YOU!!!

  3. It seriously looks amazing over there! Beautiful!

  4. -Waving Hi- I'm one of your Mom's blogging friends, and had forgotten that you are visiting Italy with your husband. Oh it must be so lovely.

    One of our sons family has an Italian Exchange Student living with them this year. I will have to give Kiara the link to your blog, so she can enjoy your views of her homeland. :-)


    Gentle hugs to you both...

    "Did you ever wonder about the Victorian version of sugarplums dancing around every one's head in "A Visit From St. Nicholas"? Sugarplums were exotic sweetmeats, a combination of fruit and nuts, traditionally available only during the holidays."
    ~~"Mrs. Sharp's Traditions"

  5. I feel like I'm there with you....

  6. Thanks for sharing pictures and your trip.

  7. Thanks for sharing the trip and your pictures.


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