{Travel} Christmas in Italy - Bergamo!

As we prepare to travel back home to the States, I wanted to share the last leg of our Italian Christmas journey with you. This time, we stopped off in the city of Bergamo, near Milan, for several days. My husband worked most of the week in a smaller, nearby city and taxied the brief commute back and forth each morning and evening. That left me time to rest, relax and browse the various Christmas markets that seemed to pop up on every street corner. I love the festive holiday feel!

From top, clockwise: Two nighttime streets of Bergamo, just outside our hotel—the photo on the right depicts part of the Christmas markets in the left of the image under the lights; yours truly on the balcony of our hotel room before conquering the day; pedestrians enjoying the sunny Bergamo afternoon in the town centre; one of the city's many gorgeous buildings.

Though we were in Bergamo longest, I have to admit we did the least in this destination—especially since the husband was working and I was moving a little slow due to exhaustion and delayed jet lag, I suppose. But it didn't stop us from taking in the local culture as much as we could, and now we have our fill of Italia until next time!

From top, clockwise: A photo of Bergamo's city centre, above which lies the Old Town (on the hill); my husband's surprise dinner when he ordered the sea bass; devouring his fish like a champ!; another beautiful building; Italian pasta. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed our tour of Italy as much as we did and I'm so glad I got to share photos with you all! Now we're headed back to Texas just in time to celebrate Christmas with our families—always a busy but happy and enjoyable time. Have a fantastic holiday!


  1. Glad you were able to visit Italy again. Will be even happier to have you vack in Texas!!! That seven hour time difference is going to HURT!!!

  2. You are gorgeious girl! Glad enjoyed your trip so much!

  3. You know how to make the most out of a trip! Glad you got to go!
    Welcome home

  4. Love the photos! That pasta and fish look super yummy...

    Looks like you and Mike had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your memories!

  5. oh my goodness. what a fun life trip:-) dreamy! xoxo

  6. This is random but I spotted your comment on The Daybook. If you just browse through her blog she gives some photography tips :). I always thought how amazing her pictures are so you can imagine I was excited when I spotted those posts!

    Those places in Italy are gorgeous! America is kind of bland compared to that lol. I definately prefer the older, historic buildings. Seing your posts just makes me want to go there even more.

  7. Italy looks absolutely amazing. Glad you all had such a wonderful time. Kudos to the hubby for eating the fish, I couldn't have done it. Totally wouldn't have been what I expected if I ordered bass. Hope your holiday was wonderful :)


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