{Home Decor} Holiday Flair (Part II)!

At long last I'm back to show you a bit more of our holiday decorations at home, though I didn't get to take any photos of the beautiful poinsettia-studded garland along the foot of our bed frame or the mini Christmas tree in our room this year. Or a couple festive spots in my kitchen. In the meantime, here's my office decked out for the holiday...

You'll have to excuse the giant dog kennels - they all sleep in here at night! On rainy days, my office unfortunately takes on a big of eau de canine, but a candle usually clears that right up. ;)

I made the above wreath with all supplies from Hobby Lobby. It's snazzy, in my opinion, and a nice contrast to our usual holiday decor.

Below is the guest room, which doesn't have much—just a small tree and some white garland. In the future, I hope to have a more mature Pottery Barn-esque beach-themed guest retreat. For now, I'm just too tired to face painting and redecorating!

My mom and step-dad came to visit recently and I snapped this photo of my husband (toward the front) and my step-dad cozy in the reclining chairs by the fire watching the Cowboys play football. With candles lit, the tree twinkling and decorations abounding, it certainly feels like Christmas!


  1. It's funny LD has a blanket and Mike has fip flops on. Talk about contrast. LOL Your house looks great. I can't imagine having your energy. Thanks for sharing about your trip also. I am enjoying the photo's and video. Brings back good memories. Luann

  2. It looks so YOU! All of it!
    Merry Christmas, Honey!

  3. you're house looks great! I agree with the first comment, so funny!

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Anonymous. Mike's in flip flops and shorts and LD is under a blanket. I think I see a tradition forming... a tree for every room...? ;o)

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