{Home Decor} Holiday Flair!

I'm so proud of my holiday decorations this year... they turned out great! I've divided them up into two posts, so as not to overwhelm you with the, uh, awesomeness. (Winky face.)

Let's start off with the front porch. Welcome to our home!

I love that we suspended oversized ornaments from the ceiling this year! Nearly everything is from Hobby Lobby (at 50% off), like the giant ornaments, plaid ribbon and garland. The wreath was a clearance buy from Michael's last year.

From the entry, we have a small foyer that leads into the living room:

Sometimes it's hard for me to find a place for everything, but this year I wanted to be sure and display all those small details that are important to us—like the Aggie snowglobe and some of our wedding photos on top of the piano.

The foyer table is a sort of rustic, Western theme with mini turquoise cross and brown jingle bell tree ornaments from Hobby Lobby, and a few other items we've acquired over the years. The photo frame is also from Hobby Lobby and I framed the picture that's on our Christmas cards this year.

Our Christmas tree is amazing! It's brand new, nine feet tall, pre-lit and almost looks real at a glance. We got it on sale at Garden Ridge for $259 and I absolutely love it. I didn't want to have to invest in another Christmas tree for a loooong time, and I wanted plenty of room to add more ornaments over the coming years. This was the perfect choice for us!

This hutch was a bargain find on Craig's List and is filled with our favorite whiskies, Spode Christmas dishes and our Spode Woodlands china settings. There's also our crystal decanters, bowls and other various items—including the sheep figurine we picked up as a memento of our sheep-laden year spent in Scotland.

Speaking of mementos, here's some of our ornaments that always stand-out when we decorate the tree:

One year, my husband said he'd love to have a pet penguin. He looked up all these random facts about them and even discovered you can order one and have it shipped to your door! Ever since, family and close friends occasionally give him penguin apparel or gifts for fun. I tend to pick up a penguin ornament every year or two for the tree. :)

This ornament was to remember our trip to Canada, where we visited Niagara Falls then took in a few sites in Toronto followed by a wine-soaked visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake in New York.

This is a new ornament for this year, from Hobby Lobby naturally, that goes perfectly with our style and decor. Rustic, beautiful and cozy.

This is another new ornament that depicts our flair for anything Texas. In the background is a piano ornament my older sister gave me when I was little, since I played the piano for six years.

Of course, no Aggie tree would be complete without said ornaments. We have a ton!

This ornament is another keepsake from our year spent in the UK—it even graced our tiny tree in our flat during Christmas 2009. We have so many fond memories of our days in Scotland and all the travels we took.

And here's another new addition to the tree in honor of my husband's avid hunting streak. Every year I gift him a new ornament—though wouldn't you know he only just realized that this year!?—and they're usually hunting-related. Figured a nice rack would make a good addition to the decorations this Christmas. Hardy har har.

I'll post the remainder of our Christmas decor next, along with some photos from our big Christmas party!! Hope you and yours are enjoying a very merry season.


  1. very nice christmas tour....you must get your flare from your Mom...

  2. I love it all.....your tree is so YOU! The whole house is Christmas perfect!

  3. such beautiful decorations...Love them :)

  4. The house looks incredible! I wish we could have made your party but it was Holiday Ball for JL.

  5. Your decorations, tree and home are beautiful. Maybe next year we'll put more decorations outside but with pending construction of sidewalks and such we held off.

  6.   Awesome tips. I’ll be passing this post on for sure


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