{Recipe Challenge} Peach-Whiskey BBQ Chicken

Oh. My. Gosh.

You know when you finally sit down to partake in that meal that you've never had before but you're hoping it's as delicious as it smells? And then when you actually do take a bite, it nearly surprises you with how exceptionally divine it tastes?

That was me and this recipe. I'm tellin' ya... best one I've ever made. And I'll willingly give up the creds, since it came from Pioneer Woman's kitchen.

{Photo from Pioneer Woman}

In her blog post chronicling the recipe, she heralds the peach-whiskey barbecue chicken as one to make when you want to impress your guests who have wandered all the way into town and ended up at your casa, and are gazing up and down the place with an observant eye. Well, slap-some-flour-on-me-and-put-me-in-the-fryer, she was right. I took some photos as I was cooking to give you a sorta guide on how to put it together. Pioneer Woman's pictures are much more delish, but if you wanna know what it's like from a, uh, non-glamorous foodie pictorial angle, then scroll on down. ;)

I set out most of my ingredients so I could be prepared since the sauce is done in several consecutive steps. Used BBQ sauce I had in the fridge, and a cheap-o bottle of peach preserves. I only made about 1/2 the recipe size but still used full bottles of sauce and preserves, which left me with lots of extra sauce to spoon over mashed potatoes. 

Don't cry when you're chopping those onions. They can't feel a thing, I swear.

I did brown up my chicken thighs in some organic coconut oil, to "healthify" the oil and butter called for in the recipe. And I did not use bone-in thighs, my chickens were boneless. Sexy.

Yup, it looks like a lot of onions but pour 'em all in your pot anyway! 

Here's my onions after getting nice and brown, with a teeny bit of caramelization going on. Then I poured in the whisky and stirred while it condensed a little.

My pot with the BBQ sauce and peach preserves added, as well as some hunks of garlic. Mmm mmm, come to momma.

I wanted to serve carrots as a side, so to save time I boiled both them and the potatoes together. No, it doesn't make your taters taste like carrots and no, it doesn't make your carrots taste like taters. Just pluck out the carrots a couple minutes before the potatoes are done since they cook faster.

The sauce was to-die-for. Literally, it was one of the most wonderful things I've ever tasted. Think about it: chicken, barbecue sauce, whisky and peaches. It's the perfect combination of all the great flavors of Texas!

*Note: I drained and smashed my potatoes up when they were done boiling, then added a couple pours of 2% milk, a slab of butter, garlic powder, Lawry's Seasoning Salt, cracked black pepper and a dab of sour cream. The carrots are simply sprinkled with Lawry's.

Ready to amaze your mouth? Get the ingredients and step-by-step printable instructions here. And don't say I didn't warn ya!


  1. This sounds amazing! I would just imagine LD would swoon if I made it! And I just may do it! For his birthday next month! Now I am looking forward to that celebration dinner for him! Thanks for the great post......

  2. I love reading your posts...I can definately tell you are a writer...you make me feel like i'm right there with ya...

  3. slap-some-flour-on-me-and-put-me-in-the-fryer, she was right. LOL. That looked mouth watering good. I love the pics of the process.


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