{Daily Pics} Face Time!

Here are a few of my favorite things right now... plus, my first video "hello" at the end!

From top to bottom:

1.) Halloween bat candle in the Pumpkin Patch scent from Bath & Body Works. They're on sale right now for 50% off making them $9.75! I love the fragrance, it's not too heavy and perfectly fall.

2.) The peach citrus body collection, also at Bath & Body Works, is on sale now as well. I put together a little gift package for a friend of mine and stashed them in a decorative wine bag from Michael's $1 bin.

3.) New pewter Antler earrings I purchased recently on Etsy for my Halloween costume this year. It'll be, uh, different.

4.) Another Bath & Body Works purchase and new favorite: CO Bigelow Organics No. 605 lip shine in Golden Peach. The sheen is just right for me and the flavor isn't too bad either. ;)

Now get ready for a little face time with my first in-person video! 
And have a "peachy" weekend. :)


  1. OH!! I love it!!! You are always thinking of new ways to do things! We could just RECORD our postings!!! Not for me. Although...maybe someday!
    Hope you will blog about your Halloween costume when you get it all together! (wink! wink!)
    Great post!!

  2. love the video....you should do more of them...

  3. cute. love the video. made me smile.


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