{Fashion} Breaking out the Boots!

Just a quick outfit picture to share with you... albeit from my camera phone along with loads of laundry, a messy floor and an unmade bed in the background! Ignore all that, will you? Thanks.

Anyway, I'm wearing a breezy top I picked up at Target recently, and on the clearance rack no less. To complete my perfect it's-not-quite-cold-enough-for-a-sweater-but-it-is-for-boots outfit, I love my skinnies from Charlotte Russe and my favorite English riding boots—which I bought years ago from a thrift store I can't recall, and had resoled last fall after wearing them out while living in Scotland.

And since we're on the topic of fashion, check out this wowsa turquoise necklace I put together for my Etsy shop yesterday:

Oh yeah, bring it on. I like 'em big and bold - can you tell!? The holidays are right around the corner, so keep an eye on my shop for new wares that make great gifts!! (Wink, wink.)

Happy fall!


  1. What an adorable top!! Only you would think to pair it with your boots for a great look!

  2. love the boots...that is one thing I like about fall and winter..boots...

  3. I love the boots as well as the accessories! Your overall look is cool and stylish.


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