Happy Halloween!

The husband and I put a mediocre amount of effort into our costumes this year. He is an avid hunter, so naturally his closet is loaded with camo gear. I suggested he put that on and be, well, a hunter and I'd be his "trophy rack!" Yep, I cut a slit in my own camo shirt and slapped on some iron-on letters that spelled out "trophy rack" on the front... almost. I forgot the "h" in trophy but didn't feel like going back and fixing it, so tropy rack it was. Just makes it more memorable, yes? ;)

Here's us at the party:

And a gorier version for Halloween:

Have a spook-tacular holiday!


  1. You are so CLEVER!!! I may dress up as we hand out treats Halloween night. I make a good ghoulish witch.

  2. Good Job. I think we're gonna hide for halloween tomorrow night. Things to do and buy. ;o)


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